The marketing in search engines (SEM) is a critical part of your strategy campaign pay per click (PPC). There is no better time to advertise than when someone has already determined that they need your product or service and are actively looking to buy it.

A campaign set up correctly by a specialized Adwords agency can be a very profitable way to show potential clients who are actively looking for a solution like yours. However, a poorly designed campaign can waste a lot of money.Running a search campaign successfully requires a lot of time and attention. At Google Ads Agency, we constantly monitor and optimize the accounts of our clients to ensure the best possible results.

How do we do it

•       Search Campaigns: Google is the largest search engine in the world, we create positioning strategies in your search engine, always focused on profitability and with specific objectives.

•    Remarketing: Advanced Remarketing strategies analyzing the depth of navigation, the type of user, and the cycle from the user know you until the conversion.

•    Google Shopping: We have experienced the evolution of google shopping since its birth many years ago, the first feed we created was made by hand with data tables and custom programming, today we have price analysis software to invest money where more profitability we will extract, we do google review integrations and we have all our experience to optimize in the best way both the data feed that is sent to google and the campaigns in google shopping.

•    Advertising on the Display Network: We create advertising campaigns in the largest advertising network in the world, we know and have experience managing campaigns through all the orientations and segmentation of google ads.

•    Google Hotel Ads: We integrate your hotel with the google vertical for hotels, we carry out prospecting, brand protection and defense strategies against OTAs, specific Target display campaigns through banner and Video campaigns, if you have a concept hotel a Corporate video that transmits sensations can be the perfect ally to enhance the conversion of your hotel.

Our Google Ads services

Our services in Google Ads (or AdWords) consist of two phases: Configuration and Continuous Optimization.

Google Ads is one of the fastest, most specific and least risky options to advertise your business, but only if you set up and manage your campaigns correctly.

The problem with Google Ads is that many of the default settings can cost between hundreds and thousands of euros in wasted advertising. There are currently Adwords agencies such as Google Ads Agency that have specific certifications. Our Google Ads services will help you avoid costly common mistakes and ensure your campaign is ready for success.

Why Hire Quality Level As Your Partner For Advertising In Google Ads

The specialized and very technical team, we all spend our day to 100% with Google Ads campaigns.

Without a contract of permanence, we do not need ties, customers stay with us for the results and the service.

We are the ones who adapt to your needs, we are very flexible.

Extensive experience through our hands has spent millions of euros and dollars of investment.

Great experience internalizing digital businesses, and with campaigns in different languages.

We do not rule out customers because of their size, large or small, we will create a personalized Google Ads strategy for your needs

We do not accept clients that we think will not return on their investment or that their expectations cannot be reached. We don’t want you to waste your time or your money, nor do we want to waste it.

Detailed and customized reports to your needs, we connect all the tools so you can analyze what happens with your campaigns every day, we make it easy in a few minutes you can analyze what you need.