This fast-changing world brings us many opportunities and choices. Change is everywhere and non-stop. For many people this is both exciting and daunting at the same time. How do you reach your maximum potential whilst having impact in a world that is in constant flux? Our ongoing research shows that many of us in the working context suffer from lack of confidence. We worry a big chunk of our time about not being good enough or making mistakes.

Many people deal with these worries and lack of confidence by hiding it, faking confidence, or just by working harder. We have created a huge stigma around feeling insecure or being worried. We are keeping our fears inside and it impacts our performance and well-being negatively. I have learned the hard way that this is the worst thing to do! But…what is the way forward?

There is a huge opportunity for the working world: there is a set of skills that can help you to deal with your lack of confidence, in a sustainable way. We know how important it is for our performance and well-being to be physically fit. We are not yet enough aware that it is just as important to become ‘emotionally fit’. We can do that by developing ‘emotional flexibility’ skills.

In this talk, Dr. Jacqui Brassey will share with you how she got into a confidence crisis a couple of years ago, how it impacted her at work, and how the development of ‘emotional flexibility’ skills, an evidence based concept, helped her to get out of this crisis and move beyond. This experience has inspired her to focus her academic research on developing insights and practical solutions to advance Authentic Confidence in the workplace. She believes these essential skills should be integrated into every university- and leadership program that is serious about the world of tomorrow!