Renovating the appearance of your home can be relatively easy by changing the furniture, accessories and wall colors whenever you want, but the usual floor will stay there longer. Therefore, before choosing which floor to install, you should take the prudent time to select the most precise among the very varied options on the market, since you can find floors in vinyl, ceramic, wood, stone, etc., each of them with characteristics independent that provide advantages or disadvantages according to your main needs.

Surely when thinking about the renovation of your home, business premises or office, a long list of needs appears that you will want to take into account in favor of renovation, perhaps items such as cost, quality, durability, ease of maintenance and appearance are some of those that appear on the table, and it is at that moment that you start looking for the best offer on the market and surely the one that meets the most characteristics on the list will be the winner.

Flooring store Toronto have once again become a tool highly valued by professionals, with a revaluation of their characteristics and an update of their designs and models. New technologies have improved their performance, especially in their resistance function, of very high traffic, making them more durable, easier to maintain and more resistant to humidity than other alternative materials that compete directly. In addition, they are 100% waterproof, so they can be placed in bathrooms and kitchens.

They have a surface treatment that makes them highly resistant to stains, scratches and chemicals.

They are a variant of the highest quality, with the best dimensional stability on the market, guarantee excellent performance against changes in temperature and humidity, and have an absolutely real appearance. Its careful selection of woods provides natural tones and textures to the environments.

The vinyl flooring is used in Residential use, as well as in health centers, offices and commercial establishments.

They have a smooth and marbled appearance, also simile wood, patina, etc. Its main characteristics are: resistant to bending, impact, do not deform and have optimal levels of indentation – size recovery. They are self-extinguishing and comply with international fire protection standards. They are also acoustic insulators, they reduce the impact when walking, and they are comfortable, comfortable and silent when walking. They are easy to clean, just with a neutral detergent and water. Suitable for underfloor heating, they support up to 29 ° C.

They can be presented in tiles, slats and rolls. They are easy to install and can be done on any existing surface, with a quick dry job.

When compared to alternative materials, vinyl offers an attractive cost to install, economically to maintain over its long life.