I have been working from home for ten years, and my husband started working from home recently. I was not sure what to expect since he likes to work in an office and I need my space when working from home. So far it is working out great.

Here are a few advantages for both parents working from home:

Relationship: Since we both work from home he has realized that I do work when I work from home. For me, it is a reinforcement of how much is being asked of him at work. Both of us have a better appreciation of what we put into our jobs and hence have been able to support each other more when there are changes.

Flexibility: There have been numerous times when either my husband or I have had a meeting come up at the last minute, and the other person had the flexibility to do the pickup or drop off or take a child to the doctors or for practice, etc. Flexibility is one of the perks of telecommuting.

Time: We save a lot of time not having to send e-mails or calling if there is a change in the schedule. I just have to go to the next room where he is working. If he is not on a conference call, we can discuss for a minute and change plans as needed.

Breaks: It is nice to have someone to talk to when I do take a break. They are usually short conversations, but they break the monotony of work and refreshes the mind. Sometimes it is just about schedules and school yet it is a change. Taking breaks increases productivity.

Advice: There have been times when I have just had to get off the phone over a difficult conversation. It is nice to be able to talk through the situation with someone and get input. When I was working from home alone, I would end up fretting about it. Now I talk it over and move on.

Are there other advantages that we have not identified yet? If you have any suggestions or tips, please share.