Teens are always energetic, and there is no different when they’re on a traveling trip. To keep teen happy during their camping, ensure to plan some fun camping activities before time and make sure that this camping activity will enhance their personal development, and also make sure you have the resources to carry them out. There are many teen tours and teen camps adventures for teens being organized by travel agencies. Though most teens like these tours, some teens may want a trip to Europe or a South American tour. Tour companies mix adventure with travel to make the trip more interesting. The journey may include 5-star hotels and resorts or stay in the college dormitory; it depends on your budget of the tour. The length of these tours can be anywhere between 21 to 45 days.

Here are some excellent activities that teens can take part in and boost their personal development.

Water Balloon Volleyball

The Boy Scouts created this camping game for teens. When starting this game, you need to fill up to 25-30 water balloons for the game. The next step is to tie abet or even a rope between two trees to toss the water balloons over. Group the teens into two teams and give each player a pair of the towel to use as a water balloon bandage. Then the concept of the game is just like that of a volleyball, its hurled over the net using a towel cast, each time the ball cracked one side the other team gets the point. Another way to play this ball is to score just like volleyball, replacing water balloons as they break.

Many Stories Telling

It’s an excellent game for teenagers during their travel activities; it gives everyone a chance to tell a story together. a teen starts telling the story for a few minutes, then passes it to the next person in the campfire circle
Before you start the game, ensure that everyone thinks about why what and why in the story and make it enjoyable.
If you have the primary co-rules, be sure to mention them out at the beginning of the game, but also encourage teens to have fun with the game. One way to keep interest is to let a cliffhanger for the next person to deal with in their story segment. The last person to add to the story is instructed to wrap it in the end.

Twenty questions

This is another good camping activity for teens, this kind of game will force a teen to make use of their powers of deduction. Everyone sits around the campfire, and a teenager is made to start. This person thinks of an object and then answers questions from the rest of the group trying to understand what it is.
In orderly, starting from the left side of the person who each teenager has a chance to ask a question. Only a yes or no answer is allowed. A typical questioning tactic is to ask if the object is bigger than a loaf of bread. If a teenager thinks he has the answer, he can shout it at any time. But if they are wrong, they are out of play. The one who guesses the right answer wins, and if no one guesses right the winner wins.

Fortune Unhappy

Camping games for teens to play around the campfire can be very fun sometimes, like this one. The game requires each person to deny what the person next to them has just said. This effort can become quite complicated and stupid, causing a lot of laughs. As an example, the first teenager might say, Thanks, I just won an all-expensive-paid vacation. The next teen might answer: Unfortunately, it’s a trip to the Bermuda Triangle. As each person changes their story, the story becomes more and more absurd until the last teenager takes his turn and ends the game.