1st person perspective. The girl looked at a ball in front of her. It was a wonderful balloon that rarely flew into this jungle filling life with some fun. The girl wanted to play with the ball and a bear, she had long liked him, but she did nothing about that. Perhaps she was waiting for the actions of the bear, which also did nothing.

“I like this bear, but he is either inactive, or he just doesn’t like me enough. I’d better go to another part of the jungle, perhaps there’s also a ball, but there will already be a more agile bear”, the girl thought. She got up and went to look for another ball, in another place, next to another bear. For the constant movement through the jungle, the girl was called an adventurer. She did what, in general, she always does whenever she found herself in incomprehensible situations – she looked for a more suitable place.

2nd person perspective. The bear also saw the ball as a rare miracle in this jungle. And he also liked the girl. And he also seriously thought about getting the ball and playing with it with the girl. It just wasn’t the right moment.

The fact is that the bear was a good strategist. He could accurately predict the course of events. Now he and the girl will play ball, will begin a romantic relationship, this is obvious, he noticed with what passion the girl was looking at him, but he would soon have to hibernate for winter.

In general, having weighed all the pros and cons, the bear realized that he rather wait for another ball, somewhere in the spring where time would be more suitable. The bear was satisfied with his decision, it’s not for nothing that he was perceived as wise and respected in the jungle.

3rd person perspective. A boa constrictor watched the situation with the ball. And this wasn’t the first ball it saw. The boa understood that the ball doesn’t have to be a ball, it’s just a teachable moment. And this is what the boa constrictor noticed over the years of observing many girls and bears in different life situations. In the jungle, it was customary to complain about the here or now. The inhabitants of the jungle always found some kind of flaw or imperfection. They didn’t like the place where they were right now, and they thought that somewhere else in the jungle, or perhaps even in another jungle, everything was better. They didn’t like the time, that now is not right, but the future is gonna be better.

The boa constrictor was waiting for the end of the story to see what the girl and the bear decide. But then the ball flew away, the girl went to look for a better place, the bear was left waiting for a better chance. These two will learn their lesson through pain, not joy, Boa thought. This is okay too; the lesson must be learned in any case.