Imagine yourself, growing up in a water-locked country with your family, and then after 18 years leaving to go to a different country. With no friends or familiarity with the culture, you have to completely reinvent yourself to adapt to your new surroundings. Now imagine doing all of this and jumping to the top 1% of earners in that country all by yourself. Leighton Butler, 23, was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica before moving to the United States at the age of 18. Living in a foreign country with distant relatives, Leighton decided he would attend College to become a Dentist. After only two years in school, he came to the conclusion that the schooling system was failing him. He started a job at a local IHOP and started a real estate career that was slow to take off. Until one day, he discovered online business. Leighton managed to get started on Shopify doing drop shipping and made a little money with that. Using the skills he learned marketing the products from his store he started his marketing agency, Go Butler Media. That was back in February 2018, since then he’s been able to scale his agency to well over six-figures per year in revenue! I sat down with Leighton and asked him to give me five pieces of advice that he would tell to someone just starting out in business, here’s what he had to say!

Dominate Your Market

“Focus on one niche and get really good at it. Your results will help you sell to other people in that niche.” This is true for any Marketing agency, and it’s something I’ve found to be relevant throughout all the online courses and mentors I’ve had. They all teach you to pick a niche and master it. That’s how you scale quickly and build those 6-7 figure businesses.

Don’t Stop Prospecting

“Just because you land a client or two doesn’t mean you’re safe, something could happen overnight. Keep your pipeline full at all times!” Gary Vaynerchuk has said before that the only reason his agency got as big as it did so fast is because they never took on any ‘project work’. He kept his pipeline full of clients on a monthly retainer. If you stop looking for a new business you will stop growing, and the only thing worse than not having a business is having a stagnant one!

Keep Hustling To Get To The Yes

“It gets hard sometimes when you prospect for days or weeks at a time without a solid ‘YES’ from anyone. Just don’t give up, the ‘YES’ is coming!” Another great piece of advice, this is often referred to as momentum. When you slow down after a couple days of nothing, you start to lose forward moving momentum, which slows you and your businesses growth down. Always push through the hard days to stay on top of your growth and profits.

Spread The Love

“Help others and share what’s working for you with those who need the help. If you do good and really try to help others, good always comes back to you when you need it most.” Give and you shall receive. The timeless saying that rings true throughout the world. In business and just life in general, being kind and helping others will get you further than anything else. Often times, you will see an indirect increase in profits from this as well. So get out there, and help some people win!

Stay Humble

“Money is just a tool, having a lot of it doesn’t mean you’re better than anyone else. Treat everyone around you with respect and as an equal, because we all are one family.” Hats off to the individuals across the world who build life-changing businesses and live life to the fullest without letting their ego rain down on everyone else. The nice clothes and fast cars are great but don’t use them as tools to spread negativity to others. Whether you realize it or not you are a teacher. So long as one person is watching you, you have an audience and a responsibility to lead the way.


  • Michael Butcher

    Marketing Consultant

    Michael Butcher is a 22-year-old Marketing agency owner, Blockchain enthusiast, and Writer. He attended Jamestown Business College for almost two semesters for a degree in Marketing & Management. After dropping out, he quickly began finding millionaire mentors to help him build businesses and leverage his current income to create wealth. At 20 years old he made his first six-figures, and he continues to adapt and grow within the ever-changing fields of Marketing and Blockchain.