The helmet market is huge with all types of helmet. Alive and thriving to meet the ever-growing market for them. This comes with the challenge of figuring out the best cycling helmet to get. The most important thing to remember is that what works best for your best friend may be your worst disaster. Let me help you figure how to get your best cycling helmet. Stick with me like you would like that helmet to stick up for you.

Different kinds of helmets

First, we have to understand there are different types of helmets out there. They include,

· The road helmet which caters for majority of cycling disciplines.

· Leisure helmets

· Time trial helmets associated with time-sensitive racing.

· There are full-face helmets which are grounded on safety

· Aero road helmet designed as a cross between the vented road helmet

Cycling helmets are a requirement in some places and while they are not in others it’s not worth the risk. Even the simplest fall on a motorcycle can end up fatal in the absence of a helmet. Features to consider when getting a cycling helmet.

1. Comfort

This is by far the most important factor when choosing a helmet. Your comfort is everything and will run how you cycle. You ignore this like people will ignore shoe comfort and at the end of the day, you are frustrated and sobbing. Also, what a waste of money? Comfort consists of:

· Ventilation

· Straps and retention system

· Bug nets


It is critical to keep cool while cycling. Different helmets will cater for this need differently. Some will have vents at the back while others go to the front. More vents are what you should go for. They make the helmet lighter and all the more comfortable.

Straps and retention system

The goal of a helmet is to ensure your head is covered in case of any accident. It, therefore, should be tight and be able to stand even the greatest fall. It is important that the buckle and chin part fit close to the lower part of the chin on fastening.

Eating and drinking from your bottle should also not be impeded.

Go for as many fits as necessary till you find the right helmet for you.

Bug nets

These are at your rescue in ensuring there are no insects buzzing around your ears which is uncomfortable and distracting.

2. Safety

You are spending a lot of money on that helmet. Let it be worth your money. Ensure the helmet you get is approved by relevant authorities.

3. Brand reputation

It is your best interests to ensure the helmet you get is from a reputable company. Reputation for companies is everything and will help you as a consumer.

4. The make of the helmet

It’s no lie some helmets are way better than others. This includes that will provide,

· Spare pads

· Have detachable visors

Spare pads of different thickness come in handy. You can change them up for comfort. It helps if they are washable which helps keep them fresh.

Detachable visors will help protect your eyes from the sun.

Final Words

Once these simple pieces of advice are followed, you will be holding in your hands a perfect cycling helmet for yourself. Go out there and get your helmet.