Let’s Talk.

There are so many things going on with our bodies that it would take a lifetime to get attuned to a fraction of them. Oh wait… you do have a lifetime. And with all of the research that has been done by others, you could apply some of their knowledge and experience and tweak it to fit your own attunement. How awesome is that?

The body works through the perception of vibration. Sight, sound, touch, taste and smell are all perceptions of vibrations of sorts. Your body perceives these vibrations and knows how to proceed based off of the information input from these senses in conjunction with your desires and whether or not it perceives that there is danger present. Your body directs itself towards the things you direct it towards. It works off of affirmations in the now and can shift in an instant.

However, it does have a strong inclination for habits. When you habitually direct it with sound, touch and visual cues and affirmations, eventually it habitually follows along as previously directed without any needed mental cues. It works on autopilot. If you train the autopilot to keep crashing, it will keep crashing. If you train it to stay on the runway, it will stay on the runway. If you train it how to soar above the clouds, it will cue you to follow the things that will allow you to do just that…Fly! We tend to utilize mind intelligence to guide our lives and discount the remarkable capacity for the body to lead us to successful connections with other people, places and opportunities.

When you speak out loud, your body hears it through your ears but also through the vibration of your vocal cords and the vibration of the air moved by the sound generated. When you touch yourself, your body feels it.

When you stand in front of the mirror, your body perceives its reflection. When you put all of these things together, you affirm things to your body including the very basic notion of how you perceive it from a mental perspective. If you look in the mirror, frown and poke your belly and say I’m fat and ugly, your body perceives that as an affirmation from multiple vibratory angles. It perceives “I am”. It doesn’t matter if the statement or expression perceived by the mind as happy or sad, angry, apathetic. The body perceives affirmation in the forms of vibration and frequency. The body does not perceive “I am not”; the mind perceives this type of negative.

Negativity is a concept. Concepts are analytical. The body does not function in analytics. When the mind is allowed to be in the driver’s seat without the body as a partner it can drive the organism into affirmations and conditions that do not serve finding the states of ease and flow that the body is best suited to perform under. Your body knows your deepest truths and what you truly desire to be aligned with whether you admit to it or not. However, it will still follow your directions while telling you it is not in agreeance with your decision to be false with yourself. This causes conflict within the entire being. The body will follow dysfunctional mental leads if it is directed to do so as long as the leads do not threaten the immediate survival of the organism. It will, however, let the organism know that it is not at ease.

This is often the sensation of discomfort that many of us perceive that we pad with medications and look for doctors and therapists to cure and fix. Sensations like the nagging headache, the heartache, the loneliness, the anger, the frustration, the tummy ache, the back pain and so on. These are all sensations of the body speaking about its level of unnatural conditions. It will continue to follow along if the danger of death is not immediate but it will let you know that it is not at ease. The mind can continue to rationalize and or ignore these things or it can join the team and figure out what the heck is going on.

The body functions in experience of the now. It perceives the energy of the vibrations NOW. It does remember things so that it can perform as optimally as possible in the now but its memories are not as those of the mind. It remembers via vibration, sensation and function. Remember, somatic intelligence operates differently yet in tandem with mental intelligence not in subservience to it.

If you can disconnect from the standard idea of “intelligence” and connect to another idea of body intelligence it can open up a whole other world of self-exploration and understanding. It is like learning another language. It takes time and practice.