It’s amazing how a person could be rigorously trained to acquire certain skills, while some other person could just have those abilities as part of their genetic makeup and further exhibit those traits effortlessly!

It is however plausible to agree that a little over half the population of Africans (both home and the diaspora) haven’t and still would not discover their various in-depth talents and potential till they ride off the face of the earth! We just pursue an inordinate desire for comfort in a ‘less tasking’ ordinary life. That’s quite a saddening numerical disadvantage to the progress of the world.

For the fortunate few who discover on time, they ride on with it for a moment, but toss it away mid sea to settle for other opportunities far lesser than their very best (a peculiar position I found myself too). Very few have done a remarkable job holding on.

A man with Talent could be likened to a man caught up with work in the dark, with a piece of wood in flames. You’re the keeper of the flames, but when it burns itself out, you’re left with just ashes. How much did you put in work while the wood was lit up?

EVERYBODY CANNOT BE GREAT, true..Because everybody will not discover their true potential! Well, as a ‘regular’ African, you can choose to be included in that part of the worrisome statistic, but if you see yourself differently and hunger for greatness (like I crazily do), then dig deep into your mental stash in DILIGENT search and discovery of your talents & potentials and explore them to the greatest maximum! It’s no rocket science!

You think your talent is creepy and not worth it? Or you’re gifted being a female in a traditionally male line of work? Well… Arabic writing to some may seem like chicken scratch, but that’s amazingly the only unique language that writes from right to left (if that doesn’t count for something, I wonder what does!).

Seek for your true strengths and abilities.. Not fake arts like some entertainers who attempt to sleep their way up the ranks.. Talent is not sexually transmitted! If you haven’t got it in that area, try a new trade.
It wouldn’t be easy, but then, we haven’t had it that easy bending over backwards, as much as we have to the front!


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