We entrepreneurs work a lot, we need to, and we love to. But there is also a life out there. As a serial entrepreneur, I didn’t realize that I spend 12 years building companies, and I didn’t spend some time with me.

But one day, 2 weeks after the exit, I had the worst day in my life. I had everything: a beautiful and lovely wife, family, money, success, friends, connections, houses, cars, but no time for myself. And I started to wonder about that. I realize that I need to change something in my life because I was stuck.

So I started thinking differently and begin giving back to society and people. Thus I build a new company Cogneve and a new project called Tekpon. As a service to society and other entrepreneurs, I decided to offer free advertising of $1.5M to the new software startups because I remember how hard it was to start my first company.

I know I negatively begin this article, but I am a positive person, and I love this life, people, and everything that comes, and I will continue telling you that it is just ok if you had some bad days. Good ones will come for sure! And more than that, anxiety is there to tell you something: do some sport, meditate, relax, think about something else, not just how you can scale your company.

What I did, I recommend you as well!

I meditated, read well-being books, started a journal, become a contributor writer in different magazines, practiced Yoga, did kickboxing, exercised, ran, cycled, swam, and one day…I take nature walks with friends. It was just fantastic. It struck me that nature can help us find inner peace. Thank God for this.

I want to finish by telling you that being successful is not the final answer, but being a better version of yourself could be. Helping others makes us happier, healthier, and also stronger. Peace!