Sometimes I wonder, am I crazy?

Are the ones who go after their dreams, against all odds the crazy ones or is it the ones who settle for mediocrity?

My world has been forever changed and enlightened by this musical fantasy film and animation from Disney/ Pixar called Coco on Netflix.

Music rips the family apart! Or so it appears in this cartoon about a child (Miguel) whose great-great grandfather and grandmother are musicians; they have a baby Coco (Miguel’s great grandmother), who is abandoned by her father, when he goes after his dream of being a musician.

I can’t go into too much detail without spoiling the movie for those who haven’t seen it but there are so many quality #NuggetBombs and topics within the underlying theme to talk discuss. It not only is a story we can all relate to, but it also tells my story on deep level.

There are so many lessons including family, following your heart, and staying true to who you are. And yet it’s important we also question and discuss:

  • At what cost should you go after a dream, at what sacrifice?

  • If family traditions, your surroundings, etc. tell you to take Path A but your heart says take Path B, which Path do you choose?

  • If the world or your familia tells you you’re crazy because you’re different, do you listen to this counsel and consider it wisdom?

  • If you gain the whole world in pursuit of a dream and yet lose your soul in the process, would it be worth it?

Like I said…deep!

Bias because I’m a musician? Maybe. Bias because music, the dream, and how it has separated me from my family? Possibly.

At my core, I think about the story of every entrepreneur, every musician or dreamer out there, who has chosen to go after his heart; her love, a deep and burning desire, a passion, a love that makes them feel and come alive.

I think about the sacrifices that someone has to make, the persecution and rebuke one has to persevere through, at the sake of being misunderstood, different, labeled an outcast, etc. when someone chooses to go after a dream and stand up for what they believe is right.

When one definitively and knowingly chooses to follow the heart no matter the perception, what is considered normal or tradition; not afraid to be truly unique.

Where do we walk the line?

Sure, if you’re a musician and you were raised by musicians; or an entrepreneur raised by entrepreneurs or anyone that is living a life enriched with taking chances for internal fulfillment, making a living doing something that brings them joy; doubtful you face the same type of resistance and lack of support.

What about the other side?

What about the entrepreneurs whose family traditions were to “get a real job” do like others do, get in line and mind your P’s and Q’s?

Or what about this musician, this type of dreamer, who is disrupting all the family traditions?

My friend Jared Kleinert calls it leaving the “The Vicious Cycle of Normalcy”.

Labeled an outcast. Labeled crazy. Un poco loco.

The way you keep me guessing, I’m nodding and I’m yesing, I’ll count it as a blessing, That I’m only un poco loco

Is it a blessing?

For me, it doesn’t feel like it. Although I appreciate and love my family I can fully empathize with Miguel and how he feels in the movie. Torn between, yet fed up with his family’s hatred or lack of support for what he loves.


I am trying to save your life!


You’re ruining my life.


What? ….


I thought you hated music.


Oh I loved it {reminiscing}… we each made a sacrifice to get what we wanted. Now you must make a choice.


But I don’t wanna…pick sides. Why can’t you be on MY side? That’s what family is supposed to do—support you.

Feeling the pain and frustration of 12 year old Miguel, reflecting on my own journey, it raised some questions.

My spiritual mentor calls this resistance our washpot. Those individuals who teach and humble us, who cause us pain, along the journey to become our truest and best self.

It’s a question I am I asking myself, am I crazy or are they crazy ones?

I’ve been diagnosed with mania, I’ve been put into a mental institution, I’ve suffered depression like many others out there, so labeled crazy has a different connotation and meaning for me.

Sometimes you’ve got to Create Your Own Lane. I want to create an authentic conversation around this very topic so others can feel a sense of liberation.

What’s life for if it can’t enjoy it fully?

This very question brought me to a deeper level of understanding and an answer.

“I don’t want to be here if I can’t do the things I love.”

Suicidal? No. But what is the point. Some choose money and material things as a source for happiness while the wise understand that true fulfillment and peace come from that of a spiritual nature.

In the movie, Miguel must get a blessing from one of his relatives in the Land of the Dead or he will remain in this realm forever cursed.

As he struggles to find the correct path on his journey he is reminded about the importance of family, love and what has value and meaning in this world; which reminds me of a scripture from the Bible:

“For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”
Mark‬ ‭8:36‬ ‭KJV‬‬

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Un Poco Loco Lyrics {snippet}

What color’s the sky?
¡Ay mi amor, ay mi amor!
You tell me that it’s red
¡Ay mi amor, ay mi amor!
Where should I put my shoes?
¡Ay mi amor, ay mi amor!
You say, “put them on your head!”
¡Ay mi amor, ay mi amor!
You make me un poco loco
Un poquititito loco
The way you keep me guessing
I’m nodding and i’m yesing
I’ll count it as a blessing
That I’m only un poco loco

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Written By Germaine Franco & Adrian Molina