Agastya Aneja was born on 26 April 2006 in New Delhi. Being born in a family full of successful entrepreneurs he was blessed with a despicable passion for machines. His uncle(Rajat Kakkar) and his mother(Vaishali aneja) are well responsible for introducing and nurturing him to Technology at a very early age. He was gifted a Desktop when he was 5 years old, “A lot of hit and trial with MS paint in windows 7 enabled me to stay a flight of steps away from my fellow friends” He said. His father(Goldy Aneja) soon bought him a premium set of screwdrivers and he was ordered to pop open each and everything he could see. With the help of his driver, he successfully popped open his remote-controlled car, salvaged a pair of motors and he was flabbergasted by the way that motor spun on the application of an alkaline battery¬†salvaged from a remote. Later in class 7, An ATL Lab at Father Agnel School, Delhi picked up his threads for machines, and soon he started to build different kinds of Arduino Projects and started a Youtube channel “tinker ino” where he gave rise to different innovations with huge support from his cousins (Akshay, Prateek, Pulkit and Saurabh) They helped him know various aspects of Youtube and edit videos.

One fine day, When he ordered Groceries, he was heavily charged for home delivery and delivery was also overly lengthy. He somehow ordered groceries on call from a nearby retailer and he was delighted with their service. It was quick, Hassle-free, and free of cost!

But this experience lacked ordering groceries with a free mind.

I would buy 40% fewer groceries on call when compared to shopping online. Online shopping is just more curated” he exclaimed.

Soon he started working on various business models which were full of hits and trials. He took help from his Cousins(Siddharth, Sumit, and Akshay) and after some modifications, he assembled a team of a graphics designer, social media analyst, and a co-founder of his company.

He completely started this journey by increasing his knowledge through reading. He started learning tons about various aspects of marketing and entrepreneurship from books and lectures by Ankur Warikoo.

He leisurely started operating in Delhi NCR using an efficient Drop-shipping system and now with increasing interests, he looks forward to scaling up the company with his fellow Teammate Om Anand.

For him, The first rule of business is always to stay in business and provide services more beneficial for the other party.

small businesses are the pride and backbone of any country, being inspired by this thought, he aims to connect local to vocal and laser focus on Small businesses and retailers.

“I cannot thank my grandparents enough, I still remember the day they bought me an Nvidia Graphics Card so that I could enjoy playing assassins creed just at the age of 7.”

According to him Knowing how to use technology from a young age gives children a solid platform from which to grow their technological experiences and proficiency.