Yes, Sinchna D R is popularly known as Sinchana Gowda an Indian film actress, music composer, and news anchor. Her age is just 21 years old. Her achievement is more than 200 years old. Now she is a film actress, music composer, and news anchor.

These are the people who are able to have conversations and be news strategists. The youngest of her age, she is a brilliant talent who has only grown great in achievement. Young talented, creative and innovative face to face in the face of adversity.

Actress Sinchana Gowda
Early life
Sinchana Gowda was born on May 11, 1999, in the Gowda family in Hassan, Karnataka. She is the daughter of Raghu and Nagarathna. She was raised in sports and dance from early childhood.

Actress Sinchana Gowda in Saavu in Love.
Performance in the movie
She has a huge interest in film acting, and in 2018, at the age of 19, she got a chance to co-star in the film "Saavu in Love". Sinchana Gowda was then Studying Sujala Degree College, Hassan. She left the degree in half and turned his face toward the movies.

Her colleagues, who could not tolerate her growth, joined the boys of the same college and made slanderous statements about Sinchana Gowda at her college. Sinchana Gowda said during the rendezvous that he shook his head towards the movies without shaking her head. She also co-starred in "Popcorn Monkey Tiger" which debuted in 2020. She also worked as a business associate at a prestigious company in Chennai.
Boasting as a music composer
Sinchana, along with filma, she is a music composer. It has become a national and international name. What she accomplished in this age group of 19 is a nosebleed.
In 2020, she released "Life Is That Precious Gift", "Chillstep Theam", and "Happy With My Dreams" Music Worldwide.

The largest music digital platform, "Spotify", "Jiosavan", "Amazon Music", "iTunes," appeared on other music digital platforms. In the same year, "Youtube" and "Spotify" she received the verified badge on her profile.
Screenshot of The Time Reports magazine in
Cover photo of Sinchanga Gouda in an International magazine
Yes, the composer also boasted in the international magazine "Cover of August 2020 Issue." Cover photo featured. The magazine is marketed as a giant e-commerce company on The price of this magazine is 40USD ie Rs 2,894.52. 

You may be surprised to hear this.
How can this be possible, she said. “There are many examples of those who have done without completing their education. I believe in the idol of Goddess Durga. That's all I'm growing up now”. 
Actress Sinchana Gowda ranked on Google
Ranking Celebrities on Google !!
Yeah, how about all the accomplished Google positions? Many actors, actresses, politicians, and many other names in the field are gaining major rankings on Google. Sinchana Gowda is now on the same list. She has appeared on many well-known websites such as,,,, and so on.
Actress Sinchana Gowda as a news anchor in Indian Kannada regional news channel
Sinchana is also a news anchor
In October 2020, she was given a chance to be a news anchor on "Sudeergha News". She has worked with renowned senior editor Arvind Sagar and renowned news anchor Vidya and has worked as a news anchor on "Sudeergha News" and will soon be appearing on Hassan's "VVC News24". Along with her work she is doing her degree in Correspondence.
Actress Sinchana Gowda
What should pros or cons look like? The real answer to the question is if she is proud of her family. It is up to us to learn from them how we should be on the road to achievement. Sinchana Gowda stands as a role model for the young generation who are now in employment her success is even greater. Congratulations to everyone with the hope that success will be rewarded for their achievement.