Female entrepreneurs need to be strategic about career development if they want to succeed in business. It is not enough to have a great business idea; you need to be savvy in your personal and professional development to grow a company of substance. If you are a woman who wants to make it as an entrepreneur, make sure you work on these five skills on an ongoing basis.


To build a thriving business as an entrepreneur, women need to be analytical. You need to understand everything from unconscious bias to how the old boys’ network works. If you are analytical in your approach to business, you will discover more opportunities than those who sit on the sidelines waiting for reputation-building opportunities to come their way.


It takes guts to build a business as a woman. Society still expects you prioritize your family over your company. If you’re not willing to make tough decisions and occasionally put your business first, your chances of long-term success diminish.


Female entrepreneurs need to be resourceful to be successful in a male-dominated business environment. You may not have opportunities offered to you because you are a woman; you will need to be resourceful and build your pathway to success all on your own.


You need to hone your determination skills and be willing to pursue your vision. You can’t let the opinions of others deter you or let criticism derail you from achieving your goals. Women entrepreneurs who make an effort to hone their determination skills are much likelier to achieve success than those who are weak-willed.


From speaking engagements at conferences to presenting your business idea to potential investors, you need to remain poised and assertive if you want to flourish as an entrepreneur.

If you work on these five skills, your chances of enjoying a long-term entrepreneurial career increase. Sharpen your abilities in these five areas, and you will build your reputation as a go-getter while instilling confidence in others regarding your ability to build a profitable business. Choosing to be a female entrepreneur is not an easy decision, but it can be rewarding and fulfilling.

Ahavel Aborishade is a business leader, tech aficionado and an emerging entrepreneur in the technologic world. Focusing on building a better future for those around her, Ahavel uses her passion for technology and community to create nuanced applications that enliven daily experiences.