Alasdair Cunningham

Someone has said it right – ‘Vulnerability is the only way to build connections’. The more vulnerable you become, the more openly you can say what goes on your mind and this will eventually help people see the real you. This is the same philosophy on which Alasdair Cunningham relies on his public speaking career. 

Alasdair Cunningham is a public speaking coach who is helping many to become better communicators so that they can convey their message effectively. Despite being depressed in the initial years of his career, he has risen from his own darkness and is helping others to overcome their fears as well. The biggest fear in people is the fear of public speaking and Alasdair wants people to get rid of this fear. He has been mentoring people to feel happy, confident, and empowered. Today, he is excelling in his field but there is one contributing factor to his journey over time. 

Importance Of Vulnerability

The man too feared the stage. The idea of public speaking was dreadful to him as well. But once given no choice, he stepped on the stage and gave a seminar in front of his clients. That is when he understood his love for public speaking. When Alasdair talks, he makes sure to address the real-life struggles to his students and clients. He believes that showing only the good side of the coin makes it fake. The real connection is formed when speakers share their own experiences. The relationship fosters when someone speaks about their vulnerabilities and then tells the empowerment of overcoming them. That should be the real motivation behind public speaking. 

Alasdair knew that he would always be an entrepreneur and launched a few businesses but didn’t succeed in some of them. Then, his property gave him some edge and time to pursue his interests without worrying about his income. He understood that the real meaning of his life was not just in making money but in helping people realize their true potential. Alasdair has had his share of struggles. His early adulthood was spent in depression and he didn’t know the way out. But his spirit of going on helped him reach where he is today.

He helped hundreds of people realize their true potential through his training program. Through his training, people have become financially independent. He has also helped many people get over their mental health issues. 

Future Aspects

The charismatic soul wants to take his brand ‘Tell The World’ to a different level and inspire people to change. He wants people to speak with vulnerability and that is what he talked about in his book ‘ 6 Figure Speaker’. Alasdair offers his book for free to someone who wants to be a proficient speaker. If you’re someone who wants to channel income from your vulnerabilities, read the book. You can also choose to enroll in his course and transform your story.