Wouldn’t you want to know?

If there were a place you could feel more alive… living without so much stress and interruptions, where you felt secure, happier than you might be right now, wouldn’t you want to know about it?

There is such a placethe Caribbean island of Saba.

It’s crazy to say (since it’s been around for a long time) but because it’s fairly unknown, Saba is new.

Saba attracts clusters of people always looking for the new. What we call — ‘the tribes of Saba’: Divers – Hikers – Conservationists – Athletes – Students and Doctors – Artists – Writers – Investors – Contract Workers – Families – Groups of people escaping the rat race just to relax.

  • Saba is for early adopters who seek ‘new’ ideas, new places, products, services.
  • Saba is for pioneers exploring something fresh and unspoiled.

As expats and experts on Saba (and real estate) we’re constantly building attention and trust about the lifestyle Saba offers to our most viable audience. Attracting a unique core of people who see Saba’s value and desire to be Saba insiders, living an exclusive Saba kinda quality life… be it for a week or a lifetime. These are the people we serve and want to bring The Saba Experience to because we believe it will make a difference in how they live their lives.

Does this get your attention?

No crowds – historic – diverse – tasteful – friendly – safe – affordable – gorgeous climate – like a private club for people who want the status of front row seats with champagne or an ice cold beer. Renting a spacious villa and pool or a cozy, antique Saban Cottage. You can have both on Saba. These Saba assets make life better for the tribes of people who choose to live their lives very well. Innovative. Wise. Passionate individuals. Could that be you?

Saba is affordable but some people think because it’s a small island it’ll be cheap but it’s not. The cost of living (rents, utilities, food and other services) is similar to living in Europe, the USA, Canada and other countries. Saba is not selling average stuff to average people.
We’re not offering deals and bargains. Saba is not generic. Not ‘so-so’ but rather… r e m a r k a b l e !  That’s what most people want and will pay for — the remarkable, not what’s average.

It’s happening now

Change. Climate – politics – the economy – cultures. We all hear about and feel the changes in the world and we’re naturally concerned because we get overwhelmed by the daily news and the fear it creates. People like us don’t want to just cope with life, we want to live it. To have a place in the world where we flourish and feel secure. A place to call home, for our families and friends, with deep love, peace and positive energy that builds gratitude, health and happiness. You’ll find that on Saba.

You must always do what you think is right for you and it is our deep obligation to inform you about Saba; describing its exclusive resources that make the quality of life on this small Caribbean island exceptional. Then it’s up to you to decide if Saba is right for you or not.

New territory

Saba is a foreign land and culture; both the same and different from where you live now and surprisingly — not so different. Many people who visit once are often so taken with Saba that they keep coming back and, also choose to live on Saba (part or full time) because they love it. Love the way it makes them feel. Love the sunrises and sunsets, meeting up with people, relaxing throughout the day with spectacular views and atmosphere.

We remember how we worried Saba might be too remote for us (after living and working in New York City for 40 + years where everything was right at our front door) but the incredible beauty of Saba and the friendliness of people had us feel welcome and right at home in new territory.

Saba is a valuable scarcity

There’s nothing else like it in the Caribbean and that makes Saba worthwhile!

  • Renowned beauty
  • Gorgeous climate
  • Friendly community
  • Diversity (Respect for different cultures and choices)
  • Safe
  • Generous Caribbean hospitality, services, products
  • Uncrowded
  • Acclaimed diving and hiking
  • Excellent restaurants, hotels, shopping markets
  • Plenty of exercise (Walking the roads and trails of Saba + our annual triathlon)
  • Saba residency available
  • Affordable cost of living
  • Manageable taxes
  • Good health benefits
  • Privacy and comfort
  • Home for you and your family
  • Healthy living (Wellness of mind, body and spirit… coming home to nature)
  • A perfect place to retire (No gated communities or bars on your windows but open and free)
  • Connections with your tribes (Groups of local people and expats)
  • Employment opportunities for business owners and investors (Maybe work you’ve dreamed of doing all your life)

What are you waiting for?

Come visit Saba. See what it’s like.
Visit other islands and compare.
Will Saba fit your dreams?

Don’t be a laggard — don’t move too slowly — or hold off — missing your turn and then finding out… all the best homes are sold — all the prime land is gone — all the preferred locations are taken.

Saba is a symbol for the good life.
An exclusive experience you don’t want to miss out on.

Saba (+599) 416 . 2777 / USA +1 . 631 . 604 . 4435 / Skype: saba.island.properties

Emails: [email protected] or [email protected]

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