What if you could transform your emotions and feelings and empower yourself?

What if I told you that this is possible?

Have you ever realized that you feel weak, anxious, fearful, depressed, etc. when you have the feeling you are not in control of your emotions and feelings? That is exactly when we start “freaking out”, losing it, going down the rabbit hole, feeling out of control. 

So that means, as long as you control, understand, recognize, acknowledge your emotions, you will feel strong and powerful. If you respect and accept who you are, you are empowered.

Let’s look at fear. We often have fear of success, fear of failure, fear of love, fear of money, abandonment etc…there is a long list.

Now imagine you understand the fear that you have of success, you understand behind the fear of success is fear of being attacked by others when you are successful, you would feel jealousy from others, you are afraid of being more successful than your brother because you have experienced how angry he gets when you are better than he is. So understanding all that can change your fear of success and finally you can be successful!

Or you feel shame. Let’s say you feel ashamed for something that happened in your childhood, e.g. a kid in school was laughing about you when you fell down. Now you avoid anything that brings back that feeling of shame–you avoid hiking with friends, you avoid sports because you are afraid you could fall, you are not good enough, you think others are better. So you hold yourself back in many areas of your life because this pain of shame was very hurtful.

In love, we also have many patterns, fears, or beliefs that keep us from falling in love again. When you were hurt once through a break-up, you felt abandonment, you created the belief “I am not lovable”, “I am not good enough”, “I am not worthy of love.” You are afraid of going through a break-up again so it’s better not even falling in love, right? You play it safe.

But is it really playing it safe or is this not living your best life because of old pain, drama, trauma etc.? There is even more locked in our subconscious that we have taken on from our parents, grandparents and many generations before us.

What if you could transform these feelings and emotions, and live your best life?

What if you could gaining confidence again! Letting yourself live your desire of creating a business, being an artist, falling in love, creating a family? What if all this were possible and you could empower yourself?

Are you ready to shine bright?  

To bring out your hidden gifts, abilities, and talents and be you?

Are you ready to heal and transform so your gifts, talents, desires that may be deep down in your unconscious mind can be awakened?

As I said, many of us hide abilities in our unconscious mind because we were hurt as children. This can be because:

  • our abilities/emotions/personality were not accepted.
  • our abilities were judged.
  • other people’s abilities were judged.
  • our talents/feelings were made fun of.
  • you didn’t feel safe to show up as yourself.

In these cases, we learn it is unsafe, threatening, or dangerous being ourselves.

As if everything that you are is just hidden in your unconscious mind, would you like to bring yourself to life again?  Everything is there, just hidden.

Would you like to heal your emotions and transform them?
Would you like to reconnect with the abilities that sit within your inner child?
Would you like to recognize who you are through the divine perspective?
Would you like to know you can embrace your gifts and abilities, that they are an innate part of who you are, you show up and be successful?
Would you like to feel safe and secure to live your best life?

If you would like to unlock your abilities, heal your fears, anger, shame, and other emotions, join me for a powerful week with journaling, meditation, energy clearing sessions to unlock your hidden abilities, talents, and magic, to be alive, to live your best life. Send me a message to get the dates. Feel free to listen to a meditation here to create more ease in life. Or if you are ready for more, look at my 6-week meditation coaching package


Your inner child has magical capacities that lie within.

Photo by Abdulaziz Alfawzan on Unsplash