Alex Miller is a credit repair guru and the founder of his own firm, Alex Miller Credit Repair. As a person who went from being broke and depressed to running a multi-million dollar company, Alex shares tips from his experience of managing stress and accomplishing all his goals.

Give Yourself Time to Rest

Most people believe that working every second of the day is the only way to succeed at life. Alex is of the opinion that not giving your mind and body any time to relax is a recipe for disaster. It leads to unwanted stress and has a high probability of leading to burnout.

He shares that he worked hard but also focused on giving his mind and body enough time to relax. This increased his productivity by manifolds. 

There are many ways you can relax, go for yoga or meditate and sometimes things as simple as going for a walk can help you rest your mind and destress. Find out what works for you and then add that relaxing activity to your daily schedule. 

Make Positive Self Talk a Habit

The one habit that Alex emphasizes on developing is that of positive self talk. When he was at his lowest, this was one habit that helped him believe in his dreams. 

You will undoubtedly encounter difficulties when you are working towards your goals. Instead of letting negative thoughts hinder your progress, tell yourself you are capable of doing everything you have set your mind to. 

Transform your negative thoughts into positive motivation. Instead of thinking “I messed up, I will never be successful”, think “I made a mistake and I will set it right. Now that i know this particular method doesn’t work, I will be able to pick a better solution”. 

Write Down Your Goals

Sometimes, your goals can seem too overwhelming. Breaking them down into smaller parts and steps can help you stay motivated. Check off each step as you accomplish it. This will increase your commitment to achieve your end goal. 

Alex shares that ever since he was a little boy, he had kept with him a piece of paper with his goals in life written on it. Whenever he faced an obstacle, his written goals helped him move past the hurdles and kept him focused on what he wanted to achieve.

Written goals will help you celebrate your little milestones and raise your commitment level. With your end goals always in your sight, you are more likely to accomplish them successfully. 


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