Aside from being a talented trial attorney, Alex Petraglia is a lifelong dog lover. Not only does he spend time volunteering with causes that help dogs, but he’s also the proud owner of a loyal pup himself. Alex’s dog has truly made his life better. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy this tribute, and you have your own loyal dog as well.

Dogs Are Happy with So Little

Happy dogs are living in mansions, in cramped apartments, and tiny farm homes. They don’t care about used furniture or the latest clothing. Instead, they provide affection and companionship in return for nothing more than food, water, attention, and exercise.

In fact, Alex Petraglia’s dog probably has no idea that he’s a successful attorney. That’s what makes dog ownership such a fantastic thing. It’s truly unconditional love.

A Dog Is the Ideal Workout Partner

Unfortunately, it’s easy to blow off the gym or training session in favor of Netflix and time surfing the internet. But, you can’t ignore your dog! You can’t meet your fitness goals unless you actually get out there and get some exercise.

Who can resist the wagging tail and eager look of a dog that’s ready to go outside for a run or game of fetch? That’s the perfect motivation for staying active. Even better, it’s loads of fun.

Your Dog Can Help Improve Your Mental Health

Spending time with a dog can reduce stress levels, help with feelings of loneliness, and provide some relief for depression. Just a few minutes of playing with a dog can increase oxytocin and dopamine, the feel-good hormones. That explains the feelings of happiness and elevated mood dogs often bring us.

There’s a reason why support dog programs work. In fact, if you can, consider fostering a future emotional support animal.

Need Help with Your Social Life? Get a Dog!

Are you an introvert who needs a way to break the ice? Take your dog out of the house with you! Head to the dog park, or hit the trails! Would you like to meet new people and expand your social circle?

Dogs are a great social buffer. They put people at ease and give them something to talk about.

Alex Petraglia looks for dog-friendly community events to attend. He’s made great friends and found ways to stay active and busy. Take a look at Facebook Events and other resources. You’ll be surprised at the number of places and events that are proudly dog-friendly.

A Dog Gives You a Sense of Purpose

Your dog is counting on you, and sometimes that’s the best thing ever. People need a sense of purpose, and owning a dog creates that. Dogs give you a reason to get up in the morning, take care of yourself, and keep moving forward.

Here’s the best part! You don’t have to own a dog to enjoy the blessings they give. Consider volunteering your time at an animal shelter or dog rescue. These wonderful organizations keep dogs off the street and offer unwanted animals excellent quality of life.

About Alex Petraglia

Alex Petraglia is a licensed criminal defense and family attorney who views his relationship with clients as a sacred bond. He has strong interpersonal skills and experience in investigating cases through interviews and site visits. Alexander likes hiking with his dog and volunteering with stray animal adoption programs and local food pantries when he’s not working.