“Alexa, please…”

It’s a phrase that would make all of us parents smile again.

After months in a new relationship (that came with a second grader), I’ve begun to not like Alexa very much. Here’s why.

  • Everyone shouts commands to Alexa from where ever they are in the house
  • No one says please
  • Alexa doesn’t say thank you, or you’re welcome, she merely obeys our every shout

What We Are Teaching Our Kids with Alexa

We should all have small electronic slaves in our house. We can shout at them. Prank them by asking them to do multiplication tables of an insane number. Get them to play dumb and offensive songs to irritate everyone else in the house. We’re basically teaching our kids terrible manners by using Alexa in our homes.

When kids get started with good manners it’s a bit tiresome to have to say, “Did you forget something?” After a few months of work, it still seems a bit annoying to the parent and the kid to have to interrupt the request to get a “please” thrown in. And even harder to get your kids to treat other kids with the same respect. “May I please look at your Plants vs. Zombies Minifigure collection?”

Alexa Begin PLEASE Mode, Please

How hard would it be for Amazon to write the “Alexa Please” software mod? After it is installed, Alexa does her best to have good manners as well. She won’t respond unless she gets a “please” tossed in amongst the jumble of other commands kids (and adults) are shouting at her. We will all have better manners. And our kids (and adults) will learn a more respectful way to ask for help.

Now if only I could get Alexa to shut herself off, unplug, or shutdown. Pulling her plug seems a bit harsh, but sometimes it’s the best way to get a troublesome cousin from triggering “poop” songs or worse, harsh rap at “volume 10.”

Dear Mr. Bezos,

Please have Alexa learn some manners.


All parents.

hashtag: #alexaplease If we could make this trend, perhaps Mr. Bezos and the Alexa Team would hear our command. “Please.”

Always Love,

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