You might think that to be impossible, however, we met up with Alexander Mendeluk whose new online healing program is producing some remarkable results and getting quite a buzz online. 

His students are reporting instantaneous healings from tumors dissolving, chronic pain, anxiety, depression and stress disappearing, asthma, eczema, sexual trauma, viral infection, and more.

At a time when health and wellness is all the talk due to the global lockdown, we had to sit down with Alexander to learn what was really going on and most importantly how this could potentially help you. 

Q: Alexander, Can You Briefly Tell Us Who You Are And What You Do? 

Most people suppress trauma within their bodies their entire lives, which turns into disease, chronic anxiety, and pain. I reverse that within 4 weeks or less guaranteed. 

Q: What Would You Say To Someone Who Has Tried “Everything” They Are “Supposed To”, Like Therapy, Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork etc?

So many of our students are trying all those things and are still feeling the pain, still dealing with their anxiety. These things all sound good, and everyone recommends them, but oftentimes they let the air out of the balloon, but the balloon just fills back up again. 

These practices help treat symptoms and some root causes but it’s a long process at best.

Healing is more than bending, stretching, breathing, and even re-programming your negative thought patterns. Healing is about healing the emotional wounds that have left the mark on the psyche, these wounds can also be deeply suppressed in the subconscious and not even recognized by the conscious mind. 

Traditional Therapy is often the first and last step for people, then they often times make up their own mind whether or not they can heal. Most of the time, they decide they can’t. I’m not going to downplay the role of talking things out. 

The act of speaking to someone who is objective to you helps if they are good, but when I hear people talking about how they have “been in therapy for years” it makes me cringe. 

To me, if you haven’t fully healed from all disease and emotional suffering within 4-7 weeks I haven’t done my job.

You can’t talk your way into healing, no matter how much you psychoanalyze your mind, that’s only 1 dimension, it helps you gain a grasp on your programming from a cognitive perspective but that perspective is extremely limited. 

We have to work from a multidimensional perspective. 

Yoga, breathwork, and meditation are all great and necessary pieces of the puzzle, but again they don’t often create deep lasting healing in short periods of time. 

They are part of spiritual hygiene I call it. You need them daily to stay clean on the inside, but instant healing doesn’t often come from one of them alone.  

I know yogi masters, who are the most incredible at teaching you how to breathe and open up your body and who are still dealing with their childhood trauma and pain. It’s their version of therapy and that’s beautiful – it’s lifelong, and it’s slow. 

For me, I don’t want to meditate for 20 years in a cave or anywhere else for that matter just to overcome my emotional and physical issues.  Yes it can happen, yes it can work with hard work and dedication and commitment, but I’m focused on efficiency, quality, and speed. 

Yoga and breathwork release tension, move energy through the body, and allow for more energy into the body and can definitely heal the body of physical symptoms – but again you can’t often bend and breathe your way into full healing alone. 

I’m interested in instant healing because what you create on the other side of your suffering is an extraordinary life worth living. 

That’s where we are trying to get you in the shortest amount of time possible. That’s where purpose lives. 

Q: So How Did You Come Up With This New Process? 

It was actually the Coronavirus and the global lockdown that forced us to develop our practice in new ways, to service the needs of our students remotely. 

We have been working one-on-one privately with clients in person for years now, but haven’t taken the program virtually in this capacity before. 

I never would have imagined that we would have been able to get the types of results we are experiencing over Zoom calls that we get working in person with people. 

It started with the simple question of: “how do we deliver powerful healing remotely?” I started meditating on that consistently and asking for answers and I honestly have to say I feel guided by Source to the new discoveries of combining all our life’s experience into this new practice. 

The fact is we are not separated by time and space. 

Quantum Mechanics is proving this now, what has been known by ancients for thousands of years. So, through our process of remote work in the Quantum Field and most importantly teaching the individual how to activate the healer within themselves, we are able to get the instantaneous healings we are seeing. 

Q: And What Have The Results Been? Can You Share Some More Specifics? 

Yes, of course! It’s important to mention that privacy is one of the most important things to us and our students so I can’t share names, except for the students who have given permission. 

We are beginning to roll out our student testimonials now and the best thing to do would be to join the free program here. Once you join, you will be directed to a testimonial page where you can have a deeper look. 

In the meantime, I’ll share this with you here: 

Chronic Shoulder Pain, Eczema, Asthma, Anxiety and Trauma Healed

Here is a brief list of the student reported healings: 

Eczema, 2 deviated disks in uppers spine realigned & chronic pain removed (instant).

Type 1 Diabetes regulated and natural insulin reproduction increased. Sexual Abuse Trauma multiple accounts (healed instant). Chronic lifetime upper shoulder pain  – Morphine, valium heavy painkillers finished. Extreme depression healed (instant). Extreme anxiety healed (instant). Contact of deceased loved ones for emotional grievance and trauma relief (instant).

Asthma reduced to no longer needing an inhaler. Shoulder injury out of alignment/chronic pain (instant). Menopause natural hormonal rebalancing. Chronic migraine relief (instant). Chronic Anxiety Attacks (instant). Arthritic Joints – repairing cartilage, removing pain (instant). Male infertility (instant). Suicidal thoughts removed (instant). Knee surgery pain healed (instant).

Extreme issues around bodyweight (instant – weight loss dropped). Hereditary Asthma – genes modified and altered for healing (instant). Viral Infection healed (instant). Endometriosis. Irritable Bowel Syndrom. 

The list goes on but I think that’s good for now.

*Please note these healings are reported as experienced physically, emotionally, and intuitively by our students*

Q: What Is It That Can Actually Allow A Person To Heal Themselves In “Powerful Ways” And Others To Not? 

That’s a great question and there are a few extremely important things to understand here. 

#1. Most people are programmed to believe that physical and emotional illness is a normal part of life. 

That couldn’t be further from the truth. We’ve allowed that to become normal.

We are not designed to be sick, our bodies are in fact designed to be healthy and balanced by nature, that’s our real program. That’s why your skin heals when you get cut without you having to do anything about it, the same thing with broken bones – same thing with the rest of the body. 

The problem is the emotional and physical toxicity that we subjugate ourselves to on the daily, I’ll clarify that in a moment. 

#2. Many people are addicted to their own suffering.  

This can be the most difficult. It sounds sick and counter-intuitive but many people have become so identified with their pain, that they have lost the connection with who they truly are. Everyone knows the person that is “always sick”, always has a problem, and is always creating a narrative around their suffering. It’s how they have chosen to fill their inner wounded void. It’s a victim mentality. You cannot heal if you consider yourself a victim to life, even if you have experienced the most atrocious things. 

The shift comes when you see life happening FOR YOUR not TO YOU. 

#3. Most people are searching for healing outside of themselves. 

Many individuals don’t believe that they can heal themselves, so they look for someone or something else to do it for them. This creates a dependency on the external and diminishes the power of the individual, giving it away to the next doctor, celeb, or guru. The fact is that true healing comes from within, you are the true healer and any authentic “healer” will help you realize that truth.  

#4. We are programmed to believe in a medical system that only treats symptoms. 

Everyone wants the pill or the quick fix to their issues and that’s not their fault necessarily.  Unfortunately, our medical systems are, for the most part, designed to only treat symptoms with pharmaceuticals and surgeries. Disease, for the most part, is a symptom and if we are only medicating and cutting out symptoms, we are never truly helping people heal, we are simply giving them a toxic coping mechanism. 

I’m not going to go too deep into the business of big pharma, but let’s just say there is a massive conflict of interest if your business is based on people remaining sick and dependent on your drugs. 

From that perspective, healing is bad for business. 

#5. The majority of all disease is caused by emotional trauma

Out of all of the above mentioned, this is by far the most important thing to take away. It’s very unlikely you will heal any type of chronic illness, pain, or disease if you do not heal your emotional programming. 

An example we see often with our students with cancer or tumors is suppressed emotional trauma that comes from sexual, physical, and/or emotional abuse. 

That trauma leaves such a disastrous mark on the psyche of a child or adult for that matter, that it creates a chain reaction of negative thoughts and coping mechanisms. These thoughts range from guilt, shame, anxiety, memory loss, depression, and all the negative thought patterns that come from it. 

These thought patterns often snowball into a lack of self-love, lack of self-worth, and suicidal thoughts. 

These negative thoughts place the body in the fight for flight mode releasing stress hormones in the body like cortisol. This is normal when perceiving threats for a short amount of time, but when your whole life is lived as perceiving an impending threat due to trauma, that prolonged stress on the system is proven to lower your immune system, increase risk of heart attacks, decrease life expectancy and can create a breakdown of the bodies cellular function. 

These cancerous thought patterns, can create a cancerous program in the body and ultimately can cause cancer. 

This is why chemo might help stave off or suppress cancer for a time, only to see it return again. 

It’s the same reason why anti-depression medications don’t heal you of depression. 

The list goes on and on for almost every condition under the sun. 

Q: So How Does Someone Heal Themselves “Instantaneously”?

First, we have to define “Instantaneously”.

In our work with our new method, our students are reporting healing of emotional trauma and most chronic pain within 20 minutes -1.5 hrs. Big physical symptoms like extended periods of trauma or abuse and tumors take 2hrs-5hrs and then subsequent corrections over the following weeks to help flush the body fully.

If the individual has a large list of physical and emotional symptoms, it simply takes more time to work through them, but a similar amount of time for each specific symptom to heal instantly if that makes sense?

It’s important to note that once you heal one issue, another can arise in its place and that’s apart of the process and why we work within the 4-7 week window. 

Currently, 100% of our students are experiencing healing. 

We work within a 4 week and 7-week window for the majority of students. In 30 days you can fully heal, retrain, and reprogram the body and mind. By 7 weeks you can begin manifesting and creating your new life and embodying the greatest version of yourself. 

You literally become a whole new person or the person you were always intended to be. 

Here’s how it works:

Step #1. Integrate Our Morning Ritual Routine

This includes new specific habits to optimize your mind, body, spirit connection, regulate sleep, increase overall well-being, and stirs up the “emotional sediment”. This allows for step #2. 

We give this first step away for free to anyone who wants to join and start decreasing fear, stress and anxiety and increasing feelings of well-being and peace here.

Step #2. We Uncover And Map Your Emotional Programming 

We have a unique process to map out all your physical, emotional, and spiritual “issues” and rank those issues so we can track before and after progress. This is everything that has had an effect on you from birth to the present. 

You would be surprised at how much comes up you never realized was there! 

Step #3. We Help Teach You How To Heal Yourself

Depending on the student and the type and amount of emotional trauma the time frame and techniques used vary. Our unique approach allows you, the true healer, to heal yourself and reclaim your power and inner-knowledge of how to do so. 

It’s a beautiful and surprisingly easy and effective process and we call it “LightForce Healing™”.

The best way to describe it would be a combination of Neuro Rewiring, Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Guided Meditations, Ancestral Healing, and Remote Viewing/Healing. Of course, this also includes the spiritual and physical hygiene of diet, meditation, movement, and intuitive supplementation. 

Q: You’re Reporting Some Incredible Results That Might Be Hard For Some People To Believe, What Do You Say To The Skeptics Or People Who Doubt That This Is Even Scientifically Possible? 

Turn your skepticism into curiosity. 

That’s just a good rule of thumb for life in general.

The biggest lie we perpetuate is fear and as you begin to do the work you realize that fear isn’t real. 

Skepticism comes from fear, it comes from needing to protect your current viewpoint (normally due to inner wounding) which is like living life with blinders on. You only see one thing and therefore limit your experience to the limitless possibilities of life. 

That to me is the greatest sadness. 

I’m not interested in proving something to the skeptics, I’m interested in those on the fence, and that trust their intuition and know deep down that healing can exist, even if they haven’t fully experienced it yet. 

I don’t need to be a mechanic to know how to drive a car effectively. I just need to know how to navigate the rules of the road, a few controls, and trust my senses and intuition for direction.

I don’t need to be a scientist or quantum mechanics specialist to know how to navigate the road to healing. I know how to help people heal themselves powerfully and at the end of the day, the results and my students’ happiness are my ONLY goal. 

If someone reads this and doesn’t want to come on the journey due to skepticism I respect that, that’s your choice, I just think that’s unfortunate – but then that’s what’s also meant to be. 

We aren’t looking for skeptics in our program, we are looking for those who are ready to heal. 

That’s all that matters. 

Q: Where Can People Find You And How Can They Get Involved? 

If you are even a bit remotely curious about this, then that’s your intuition telling you to check us out. 

Your best bet is to join our free program and book a free call with us and our team to see if we can help you.

We will customize a specific transformational plan for you on the call, designed to help you overcome your roadblocks and in the end, you can choose to implement it yourself or join the multitude of programs we have available. 

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

With Love & Respect,

Alexander Mendeluk

P.S. Once you join come over and shoot me a DM on Instagram here: 

Alexander Mendeluk

Alexander is a LightForce Healer™, Entrepreneur and Public Speaker, specializing in Quantum Healing and purpose-driven business consulting. His work has been featured in Entrepreneur Mag, Success, Mashable & ABC’s Shark Tank,