Till a decade back when the concept of blogging and social media pages surfaced for the first time on the digital arena, no one could anticipate the magnanimous impact it will have on people’s lives in so many ways. Indeed, no one had thought that Blogging could even become a full fledged career and you could even get paid by posting photographs on Instagram or demonstrating your family recipe on Youtube. And more than anything else, these digital platforms empowers you to tell a story, address issues, share, discuss and even inspire many like you. And that is what gives Alisha Taneja an impetus to fulfill her dreams and at the same time, connect, share and show the way for others.

All of 23, a Political Science graduate from UCLA, Alisha Taneja has defied the rulebook completelyto write her own success story. Contrary to her parents’ wish for her to be a doctor, she followed her passion to evolve into a multifaceted digital and social media influencer managing multiple successfully running social media pages and a fashion blog under her name. Just like a dew drop, that can capture the sun entirely in its tiny and petite structure, it possible for us humans to achieve infinite amount of success. Alisha has proved that. Today she is a fashion blogger who is addressing the concern of making international fashion relevant to every body type through her fashion blog Saffron on Rose. At the same time she is a Youtuber and a social media influencer who is majorly influencing and empowering women.

Having a petite and curvy structure, a below average height at 4’11’’ and Indian skin color, she found it difficult to pick a dress that would really make her look good in the fashion stores of California during her growing years. This triggered the urge to search for the right kind of outfit that would compliment her body and skin type. And just like that collecting pieces from the best of the brands and putting them together in a chronicle slowly gave shape to her blog Saffron on Rose which has evolved to be a major inspiration for women from all across the world. 

Bullied as a ‘small Indian girl,’ it became a challenge for Alisha to rise above all these petty issue and become an example for everyone to follow. Her stories of dealing with bullies with undeterred courage and overcoming low confidence to emerge as a public speaker still inspire many who find themselves in despair. Speaking up not only helps us to affirm positivity back into our lives, it also comforts and helps others to move ahead. Today she addresses people on public speaking platforms and touches thousands of lives by sharing her own experiences.

Conclusion 1:

This young gun is all set to show it to the world that if you have the grit, nothing is impossible. “My motto is to change the fashion game by focusing on petite and colored girls who often do not get representation they deserve,”says Alisha Taneja, Founder of Saffron on Rose, Youtuber, Public Speaker, Globe trotter, entrepreneur and much more.

Conclusion 2:

Coming back to where we started, digital media has become a potent platform to tell stories and influence lives. Small day to day experiences and concerns that are being shared through blogs, Youtube videos and other platforms not only bring the like minded people closer, but also create unfathomable opportunities for growth and success.

 Conclusion 3:

And the story does not end here.Alisha is unstoppable in her mission to get the fashion brands consider petite and colored girls while designing their future launches, influence people to brave their short comings by sharing her own stories, travel the worldand most of all live her life to the fullest manifesting the smallest of her dreams and inspiring others to reach out to the stars.


  • Ellen Saquiba

    CEO of Reckon Solutions and Journalist

    Ellen Re Saquiba, is a busy working woman with 2 kids, a health specialist, contributing journalist, and Founder and CEO at Reckon Solutions. Ellen has a passion for professional writing and has been a contributing journalist across Asia in many national publications. She has a special interest in writing content with the purpose of providing unique, impactful and interesting content for readers.