The notion of Sleep is twofold; the Physical experience and the Spiritual one.

Our planet has been increasingly sleep-depped, with obvious physical and psychological repercussions detailed in Arianna’s timely and necessary book.

We’ve also been asleep at the spiritual wheel, wheeling and dealing and sharp shooting and manoevering to reach the top of whatever Everest will never let us rest — until our ultimate descent. Physical demise.

That’s a heady drop.

Headier still is when we start to awaken to a spiritual imperative — that unanswered call within us all that breaks the heavy fall by allowing our weary physical being to repose within a far grander metaphysical system of which most of us have not been taught.

The physical part of our human species has driven the motor for epochs. Now paradoxically, an entire civilisation faces mental and physiological burn out … while an unaddressed intuitive side faces an awakening. The prospect is thrilling.

And the irony is that these seemingly disjointed cousins are necessary parts of our same global whole.

We are spiritual beings in a material world, as the sage saying goes. To rebalance the global body requires a shift; which detours us from antiquated slave-driving mentality to an emphasis on wellness-as-productivity vs. productivity-as-wellness.

Neither side is forsaken in this new interchange. Both sides remain vital but are integrated consciously and harmoniously, like any great team who understand the importance of sharing the load; alternating between energies of Yield and Push (not Force — big difference here).

Physical rest contributes to Spiritual awakening — a Thriving combo worth Sync-ing about.

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