Do you have close friends whom you meet very often? Here’s a funny and light account for how they may react after you start writing blogs.

Before you start this journey, you have friends behind you, supporting and encouraging you to write something. They predict they see a world famous writer in you and that you should write a book and dedicate it to them.

After a long time when you finally trust their opinion, judgement and faith in your capabilities, you feel it is your utmost duty to prove them right. One fine day, you sit in a pensive mood and come up with a masterpiece in your eyes. You feel like a successful pirate, who after many perils and hardships, has found the hidden treasure, that your friends and family should never miss out.

This my dears is when and where the reality strikes…

It becomes almost impossible for you to locate them, leave aside making them sit and read. The moment they know you have a write-up, which you are very excited to talk about, they will vanish in thin air. You will keep wondering, how they dispersed like clouds on a hot day, when you witnessed them approaching moments ago.

While you keep your head held high for metaphysical dynamics and philosophical intonation in your writing, some may come and congratulate you, to inform that they are proud since you have written ‘a lot of English’.

Some friends may suggest that they don’t know anything about writing, yet had found a few grammatical mistakes here and there. This is how bad it was and that is all they will find every now and then.

Few companions may also tell you how they were about to read your blog when something serious happened each time, for they had to run. From what it sounds and comes across to you is an onset of volcano erupting or a world war. It’s just that they forgot each time what had actually happened, hence history was not recorded.

Some great friends can proclaim in a big audience that your poetry was great, to which you may add in a state of amazed embarrassment that it was not poetry but prose.

However, not all friends will be completely blind of your talent. Some may also give you a ‘like’ since they loved the cute display picture with your blog.

While you think you have created a genius literary concoction, one of your friend will come up and tell everyone that you wrote a blog… where you said girls were birds and birds were girls… one line killer for all possible fans and followers… you certainly are entitled to compensation, for you have suffered some serious injury.

Despite everything, by sheer luck few may step forward to tell you to write about a topic; such an arbitrary and abstract topic that you will feel dizzy for days.

On a day when you feel completely black out, having hay fever, never ending sneezes and itchy eyes, your friends may introduce you to some as a writer. Others will assume you are very observant, delightful and pleasant personality. They will look up at you in a state of amazement as to hear something profound from you. This my dears is an awkward silence… when you look around to find something interesting, yet see only a mysterious black hole. Now how you wish writing was a talent like singing, dancing or juggling balls in the air, something substantial to prove yourself. You look back with a help call to your friends, only to see them elegantly sipping coffee and catching up on latest fashion magazine.

Likelihood is you cannot have a reflective quiet time after you start writing, as the moment you look at a tree or touch a flower, your friends will talk about how you will go home and write about a magical enchanting tree, with celestial flowers, heavenly fragrance and a tranquil ambience…

But the journey does not end here. Your husband after tossing and turning at night, finding hard to sleep may ask you to read one of your blog, and while you think of how he may be your fan, he will confess frankly he sleeps much quicker with your blogs being read out. The last thing you wanted for your writing was to have lullaby properties.

This my dears is when you are about to lose hope and give up your writing for good, when a friend in some space and time mode, far away gives a like, leaves a comment or follows your blog. The encouragement will sound music to your ears

The stubborn pirate in you awakens yet again and you set to a new venture, with a new map, new direction and a completely new destination.

The point to remember is that all these friends are your jewels how can you leave them behind??? They have to be on board on your new expedition

After all you love them all… unconditionally….

For the time being your pen journey with friends continues …(selfie?)

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  • Uzma


    Writing is my medium to spread the colours of hope. We all go through times of high and low. What’s important is our response, the struggle, the survival and the positivity. Trying to pass on through my writing, that beacon of light, that magnet of gratitude and key of hope that we all desperately need from time to time.