Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

Micro-encounters, those moments in time that make us take a step back and think. I’ve been very blessed to have a few show up in my life. Funny, but life does come up with tiny messages now and then. It tells you that you’re doing a good job, you’re on the right path and to either keep going or turn in another direction.

Now, I’m not a super religious person, I’m more spiritual, but even I have a tendency to call them angel moments. Often, there is no explanation for them. Events occur or people just show up and then seemingly go on their way, never to be seen or experienced again.

Often when I am feeling a bit out of sorts, lost, lonely, or just simply needing time to pray or reflect on a problem, I will go out walking my neighborhood. Just being out in the elements with the wind blowing my hair, sunshine on my face and the smell of the earth will put me in a better mood. I’ll often grab my camera, and just take pictures of things along the way. Ever the creative, this is my space, this is where I breathe and sometimes life breathes back into me.

One afternoon, in particular, I saw an elderly lady who was struggling to carry groceries. I ran into her just as she was about to drop her packages, and she smiled as I grabbed them before they could. I asked if she would like some help and she said “Follow”, which I promptly did, I entered into a charming kitchen. “Sit, have tea” and I did. We sat and talked, she shared old stories, like myself, she was alone. Not many people would have stopped to help a stranger, there were many who often passed her by, but on this day, life had placed me in the path of someone who needed friendship as much as I did. She spoke a little English and luckily I knew enough words in Polish to have a conversation albeit nodding and smiling were more than enough. She just wanted someone to talk to like I did. I found my heart feeling better and my troubles subsiding in the simple act of kindness, of listening and being there for someone else.

I never saw the old woman again. Life taught me a lesson that in giving, even when grieving yourself, healing can be found.

Everyone has a story, if we share them, we often find the commonality that we truly are not alone.