Every day, from the moment that we awake, we are on a journey in understanding, who we are. The term, “you,” takes us on a tale of wonder. What is it about “you,” which makes the word, so daring? Many things come into play. Certain images come into mind. Every day, who we are becomes a spacing of focus. Now, whether we are focused on that, or not, is a different story. The truth of the matter is that most people are not focused on the understanding of “you” or “I” because of the fact, that they are too busy. From the very morning that they awake, the very first thoughts, which comes to mind, are the duties and obligations of the day. Getting to work is the primary focus. First, you have to get dressed. Then, there is having to eat breakfast, while making the necessary preparations for the day. Our brains and minds are so wired, that we have forgotten to take the necessary steps for reflecting. Meditation. Silence. Mental preparation. Spiritual wellness goals to be set for the day. All of it relates to the wellness, of YOU! Yet, so many people refuse to reflect on that very word. What does it mean to truly go through a mental, emotional, and spiritual cleansing of the, self!

All The Things You Are!” It’s an imperative statement. Furthermore, it is bold and shattering. For, so long, humanity has been told to choose. Not only have we been forced to choose, but have been restricted to one thing. What we become! Who we become. If we are allowed to become more than one thing. That fact that there are those, who dare to be everything, is a societal defiance, in itself! Who says that we are only permitted to be one? Who says? In addition, what is it about certain people, who create art, reminding us so? For, isn’t the job of the musicians and artists to break taboos? Isn’t the role of the musician and artist to shake up what has been mandated? Isn’t their position to shatter restrictions, while encouraging holistic remedies of, the Self! I truly believe so!

Such a performance of the song is an eloquent persona in the finding of oneself. How the notes are played, the slow rhythm, and the pitches used, an illusion of digging in order to search for something is imitated. The lower notes also provide pictorial images of taking a plow; continuing to dig into the Earth, until one makes a new discovery. Such is one way of narrating such. Of course, through the vivacious creativity of our minds, we can envision whatever it is that we wish. That’s simply one of the joys of working in the creative fields. If only we could get the mentalities of so many people in society to, catch up! If only!

Rather than seeing every day as another day, for acting like robots, what if we could see these days as a new day, for exploration? What if every day we were able to wake up and discover, something new? Let’s keep in mind that our lives are precious jewels! Every piece of gold, silver, diamond, ruby, sapphire, and others are designed to reflect our spiritual glow. The fact of the matter, however, is that we need to keep digging in order to discover such a glow. Clearly, certain songs are digging tools for this unique glow. We must simply keep on digging, in order to discover everything, through the meaning of, YOU!

Charlie Parker