Woman drinking Coffee and wearing pink outfit

Most of the woman entrepreneurs I know are extremely capable and diligent.
They’re willing to do the hard work it takes to run a business.

They’ll send a deck to an investor and a proposal to a client.

They’re willing to make the first move but are often reticent to make the next.

Why don’t they (I) like the follow-up?

We ruminate — maybe I’m bothering them?

We reconsider — maybe I’m not the right fit?

We restrain — maybe I’m imposing?

One of the tools I use in business that allows me to be better at the next right move is Proposable.com.

I see when potential clients open proposals, observe how long they’ve spent on a section, and get real-time info (via email and text) as soon as they open or reopen the proposal.

I’ll usually wait a 15 min after they’ve opened the proposal and then send them an email or call to see “How‘s it going?”

“Funny you just called/emailed — I was just looking at your proposal and have a question…”

Entrepreneurship is like a game of chess — there are many possible moves, each move determines your next and oftentimes, where you wind up, is the total of all your past moves.

But first, you have to make the next best move.

What tool(s) do you use that give you the intelligence to make the next move?

Please share!