Why Should One Have Permanent Residency?

Getting European citizenship is not an easy task. You can get the permanent residency status by that allows the bearer to legally stay in the host country. This permanent residency will provide you a way to reside in the country and also to carry out all the functions except run or vote for office.

This seems like a pretty much easy way to gain access to become PR of a country. But there are some of the requirements that must be fulfilled before you can become a PR. You must know the language of the country, studied in the country or have work experience in the country.

If the PR resident lives in a country for a certain number of years then they are eligible to get citizenship in the form of “citizenship by neutralization”.

Why Do People call It As Residence By Investment?

Residence by investment means getting the permanent residency card of a country by investing in the country’s economy and by staying in the country for a certain number of years.

Reasons To Invest In Permanent Residency

Here are the few reasons to invest in Permanent Residency

· You will get security for a lifetime if you opt to invest in a permanent residence in peaceful countries. You can relax and is a perfect gift for your families.

· You can see the growth in business as you can invest in your host country or travel abroad.

· If you invest in a low tax rate country, it will save a lot of bucks and turn cash efficient.

· You can get global mobility. Permanent Residency will help in acquiring visa that allows you to travel to more countries than they give for citizens as some countries keep a lot of restrictions for its citizens.

· The PR status is given to all the members of the investor family, which makes it as a safe option.

· If you got the PR status in a country with best education system then you can register your children under domestic tuition fees rather than international.

Countries Profit Because Of This PR Program

Many countries accept this Permanent Residency program in order to attract the direct investments by foreign countries. These investments can be used for the economic development of the country.

List of the Countries that offer Permanent Residency Program

· Bulgaria offers the PR card if the citizen lives in the country for more than 3-6 months and invest 511, 292 Euros.

· Canada, Quebec offers PR card if the citizen stays in the country for 36 months and invest 800,000 Canadian dollars.

· Hungary offers the PR if the resident lives in the country for just 30 days and invests 300, 000 Euros.

· UK offers PR if the resident stays in the country for more than 4-6 months and earns 2 million dollars.

· USA offers PR if the resident stays in the country for 12-18 months and invest 500,000 Euros