As we kick-start the year 2020, we often aim to do the right ways of pursuing our New Year’s wishes and New Year resolutions. 2019 may not be the year that you accomplish your goals in life, but the sure thing you have another year to continue the things you haven’t achieve and enjoy life.

The real question is, what are the right ways you can do to make your 2020 better than the last years? What difference are you willing to take now that you have given another 365 days? Are you going to move forward or get stuck up with your goals? Are you open to the enhancement and adjustments that you need to do to kick-start your new year’s wishes?

Whatever may be the question above, your answer must always be, “Yes!”. You have to pursue your new year resolution for you to have the best year ever. Remember that you only have one life to live, and tomorrow is never promised, so make sure to kick-start your 2020 with a bang!

1. Finish the tasks you left since last year.

It is okay if there are some tasks that you haven’t finish since last year. However, these projects must be done right away for you to kick-start 2020. Whether they are the projects you have for your work or the plans you have for yourself, it’s time to complete them. You should leave any old items and extend them up to 2020. You can do this by keeping them the first tasks to accomplish in your to-do-lists.

You must clear your mind from these tasks as they are needed to be replaced by your new year resolutions. One of the right ways to complete them is to stop thinking about doing them, instead act out with the tasks. If you’re going to think about the tasks, it will consume your time. However, if you’re going to execute the things you need to finish them, it will turn out things to be more straightforward and fast.

2.Start a new plan.

Once you are done with all the baggage that weighs you down, you can kick-start another plan for the year 2020. You can think of your new year’s wishes and do them this year, or you can think of all the things you have last year that you want to experience again.

You can also consider the type of life you want this year, may it be peaceful and full of positivity or abundant financial status. Your New Year resolution must also include the relaxation you want to achieve for your mind, body, and soul. If it is possible to change the old ways that are not helping you grow, then change them. You have to set goals and priorities that need more focus.

For example, if you want to buy a car this year, then you’ll need a lot of money to buy one. You can do this by working hard and seeking to earn more. Furthermore, money can’t only be your focus of the year 2020, as you probably want to improve the inner you by cultivating a lot of happy memories and peace of mind. Whatever your plans may be, write them out for future references for pursuing them.

3.Seek new experiences.

New experiences don’t just end with your work experiences but also for your life. You need to live a meaningful life, and you can only do this if you’ll have a lot of experiences that will mold the better you this 2020. The way to kick-start this is by engaging yourself in the things that you have never tried before.

You can try to do activities such as yoga, mountain climbing, diving, island hopping, and more. These activities will help you encounter the beauty of nature, which is also one of the most beautiful healing encounters for your well-being. If you love to sing, you can try different karaoke bars that let you sing your heart out. These new experiences can be part of your New Year resolutions, which helps you to utilize the whole year full of positive vibes. Furthermore, it would be best if you stay motivated by reading books and best motivational quotes that will inspire you to do more in life.

4.Spend time to stay fit.

Staying fit is a commitment and not just a random New Year wish that you can erase if you feel tired of achieving it. It doesn’t matter if it is 2019 or 2020; your health should always come first. Remember that if your health is not right, you won’t be able to do the things that you include in your to-do-lists for 2020. The right ways of staying fit it by attending workouts and joining a fitness club.

You can attend your fitness training 3 days a week, but you should also do random exercises such as jogging or walking every day. You also need to be conscious about what you eat every day since foods can help you strengthen your mind and body too. If you can kick-start 2020 with vitamins, you’ll surely have the advantage of keeping yourself fit and healthy.

5.Live a life that others can also benefit.

You can focus on yourself this 2020, but it is not that bad to share yourself and your blessings with other people too. If you don’t live a difficult life, then it is time to help those people who are experiencing stressful situations this year. Please don’t run away or say no when someone needs help, and we are all responsible for each other since we are living in the same world.

You can do a simple by merely buying a homeless or a beggar some foods to eat or help an older woman cross the street. You can kick-start 2020 by making a difference not just for yourself but for the world. You need to share with others the love you received every day for their lives to get better also.

If you know how to give, they will try to copy your act of kindness and do the same to other people that need help too. It is a ripple effect that we should start to touch the lives of other people for us to live the best year of our lives in a better world too.

6.Don’t forget family time.

The family will always be your forever company, and spending time with them will give you a lot of energy to start the New Year the right way. You can set up a time at least thrice every day where you can meet your family for an outing, a picnic, or anything that can make the family time worth spending. Family time doesn’t have to be grand, but it must be on the top list of your priorities instead of focusing on other things such as career and financial stability.

You can even use your lunchtime to meet your family and simply talk about your lives. It is essential that you don’t use your phone during the family time so that you can focus on each other’s errands. Your family will always remind you of how deeply you are loved, so always find time to experience this type of love that’s peaceful and genuine. If you feel like you’re so busy and stressed with other things, set up family time, and they will surely make all your stress away.

7.Eliminate negative vibes and negative people.

It is already 2020 and bringing alongside with you some negative vibes and people will only ruin the whole year. If you realized that there are things that and people that will only hinder your success this year, eliminate them from your life. They will only influence you to feel low about yourself and decreases the chances of positive things to happen. If these people love to discourage you, cut ties with them, even if they are your friends or worst loved ones.

Your fitness to kick-start 2020 will not only end with your body and also for your mind and soul. You need to aim peace of mind as your New Year resolution to remove anything that will only trigger anxiety or depression. Consider your environment to be fruitful for your success, and this includes your work environment too. Make sure to read inspirational Christian quotes also to keep you inspired. Please exert a lot of effort to remove negative vibes and people, and you’ll surely add value and positivity the right way to kick-start 2020.

8.Enjoy your spare time.

You may have a lot of New Year’s wishes to do for 2020. However, you need to take a break or a breather from all these. What’s the point of having a lot of money if you don’t have the time to enjoy and spend them? So you have to relax and strategically manage time off from work to relieve stress.

During weekends, you can take a moment to spend time for yourself where you can relax and enjoy yourself at the same time. You need to refuel yourself and strategically think of ways that you can surprise yourself this 2020. The right way of committing yourself to a new year is by giving driving excellent work and spare time to reenergize you.


The best thing to do for you to kick-start 2020 is by staying in love with your life and keeping a kind world that everyone can live in. Furthermore, if you follow the steps presented above, we can guarantee you that you’ll have the best year ever, which helps you grant your new year wishes and new year resolutions! May you have a great year ahead of you with abundant blessings and unending success! Happy New Year!