Weighted blankets are the perfect tool to help comfort and cool down agitated children, young people, and even adults. Weighted blanket therapy is, therefore, the process and practice of using weighted blankets to get people who are anxious and stressed out to relax and have rest. It has been proved useful in handling some problems in people. These range from psychological disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, ADHD, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder to insomnia to just understandable excitement and agitation.

The weighted blanket therapy involves the use of blankets that can apply a certain weight to particular parts of the body so that relaxing hormones can be produced to induce sleep and relaxation. The hormone mostly targeted are serotonin and endorphins. The overall effect of the endorphin hormone in the body is to relieve anxiety, smooth the psyche and alleviate suffering. On the other hand, serotonin is responsible for dealing with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), feelings of sadness, weight and it is converted in the body to melatonin in the evening to help induce sleep and rest. It also relieves you from chronic disease and fibromyalgia pain.

Weighted blankets are best for individuals with Autism, uneasiness, a trauma, all types of injury or pain so that they can rest well. You should apply in supporting children with any form of mental handicap and even adults who experience problems associated with tension, menopause, pain and restive leg disorder. They also help relieve some of the stresses related to work, home issues and even depression as a result of anxiety. Like the weighted vest, weighted blanket offers deep touch pressure to the body. The DTP has a calming and organizing effect on the nervous system.

You should add 1-2 lbs to the multiplication of the body weight of your child by 10 %. Therefore, a 50lb child would use 5 lb weighted blanket on a lower end and a higher end she should use 7 lb blanket.

There are numerous advantages associated with the use of weighted blankets. These include the ability to sleep well for those who have insomnia, reduction of anxiety and depression in both the young and mature people. And since its use helps a person rest well, the therapy is right for enhancing one’s focus, ability to concentrate and pay close attention to what they are doing. And the result will be improved productivity in case one is involved in their workplace.

Another advantage of the weighted blanket is that you wake up fresh but not dizzy in the morning. People who like acupressure will like sleeping with it because When it comes into contact with their skins, it provides sensory stimulation. The quality of sleep you can get with it helps you get up and ready in the morning. Your sleep is not easily disturbed, and you rest well during the night.

Consider carefully at how the blanket is weighted. Choose the heavy enough coverage which will give deep touch pressure, but it should possess safety during sleep. The style of the blanket and the type of weight will help on how to distribute weight. The blanket should give a positive impact, so go for the one that will entice your child. Choose the blanket fabric that will meet your child’s interest. Consider the color, texture, and pattern that your child’s sensory will prefer. Again, you should go for the blanket that will be easy to care for, and some have removable covers that make it easy to wash and dry such as Harklas weighted blanket.

You should know your weight which will in return enables you to determine the weight of your blanket. Some professionals advise that the adult should use a blanket that is 5 to t10 percent of their body. But of the children they recommend 10 percent with an addition of 1 to 2 pounds. Otherwise, your doctor can guide you on which weight to use which is more convenient with you.

It’s also recommended using a blanket made from natural fibers. Such like polyester and other synthetic fabrics which usually are hotter.

The only precaution to take when dealing with weighted blanket therapy is to ensure that a qualified and licensed medical personnel strictly administers it. It is because such an expert will provide the right kind of assistance when it’s needed. And since most of the problems handled are medical issues, it would be good to have your doctor run some tests to ascertain that you need the therapy. It will make the entire exercise much more productive because it’s handled by a professional.