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The following is an introduction and excerpts from the book (coming soon!) and program, available now. Your Sleep Sweet Spot©

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Introduction Your Sleep Sweet Spot©

We have some serious problems when it comes to sleep. And we’ve had these problems for much too long. We are doing sleep all wrong.

The core of my contribution to this work on sleep is that a person’s requirements for restorative sleep are as unique as their DNA or fingerprint, not to be dictated by outdated beliefs. Every guideline, suggestion, or technique has to be customized to your very unique need.

This is not a body of work that gives you techniques that will give you a normal sleep schedule. Why? Because sleep is specific to each person and there is no such thing as normal when it comes to sleep. This is a project that helps you find your unique Sweet Sleep Spot. Because it’s so sad that the most common question I get is “How much Sleep do I need?” Now you’ll get answers that will work just for you.

Why talk about sleep, dreams, bedroom design and general wellness? Here are just a few reasons:

  1. Countless of us are suffering from some type of sleep deprivation every single day. We need to take this seriously.
  2. We have missing, false and misinformation about what sleep is and why we need a sleep routine that works. We need to correct this.
  3. We didn’t always sleep or think of sleeping the way we do today. The way we sleep has changed throughout history. We need to update the way we sleep today.
  4. Sleep is crucial to maintaining and balancing every single physical, mental, emotional and spiritual function. It is necessary to be healthy, not optional.
  5. Not everyone can sleep at night. Many people have a sleep cycles that shift and cannot be forced to day people.
  6. Why saying and believing “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” will get you closer to death than you realize. Lack of sleep is cumulative like sun damage. But you can be healthier by adjusting your sleep habits now.
  7. Not everyone has a “bedroom” or can use their traditional bedroom or bed for sleep only. There is a way to sleep soundly even if you do other things in your bed or bedroom.
  8. The term “sleep hygiene” has to go from our sleep terminology. It is an incorrect term thoughtlessly adopted. Sleep habit, ritual or routine is a much better description. These better terms tell you what can be incorporated, adjusted or improved to find one’s sweet sleep spot.
  9. We are ignoring our dreams and dream time wrongly considering them unimportant or just mental noise.
  10. We are ignoring the spiritual component of sleep and what we do focus on regarding sleep physically, and mentally is the tip of the iceberg we ought not to ignore any longer.
  11. We can’t use tricks or short cuts to improve our sleep. If you do, you can be sure it is likely unhealthy to our overall health and ineffective.
  12. We can’t simply ask, is it wrong to do this or that? This introduces shame about our sleep routine.
  13. Shame itself has been introduced to the fact that we need sleep at all or in most cases more sleep rather than less.
  14. There is so much information on sleep out there and yet people still can’t get good sleep. Why is this? They haven’t found their sweet sleep spot….until now.

Let’s Use What Works and Add What’s Left Out of Sleep Routines.

There are many good and important sources of sleep information available. The problem is that there are essential missing parts and a lot of unhelpful advice that ruins the good stuff. For instance all “experts” almost everywhere you search state that the ideal sleeping time is to sleep 7 to 8 hours in one stretch and leave the advice there.

The problem with that is that the millions of people who need more sleep, can function with less sleep, or need to break up their sleep cycle, for one reason or another, are left to flail feeling like they are:

a) Not getting the proper sleep they require and

b) Feeling as if they are doing something wrong and often judged by professionals, family, and society as a whole.

c) Using unhealthy ways to cope with the lack of sleep like taking unnecessary medications, or alcohol, or wasting money on gadgets that don’t address the sleep problems.

It’s time to change this.

We need to openly explore and discuss the health conditions related to improper sleep. This could range from chronic exhaustion, nightmares, sleep apnea, pain, insomnia, sleep paralysis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, inflammation, pain, cancer, mental impairments, pre-mature aging and the many more diseases and effects we are only discovering today.

Your Sweet Sleep© Spot is a sleep routine, ritual, space design, and schedule. It provides you the best, most restorative sleep, optimal restoration, balance, and vital energy for your unique sleep cycle (nocturnal, diurnal, or shift sleeper). It considers specific physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs, environmental, technological advances, and global interconnection, using what works and upgrading it to adjust with ongoing changes.

As someone who has a constantly changing sleep cycle, and excessive sleepiness, I have first-hand experience in trying many of the sleep strategies available today with no success. As a researcher, writer with a background in Psychology, an Empath, and Certified Sleep Coach, I have looked for traditional and non-traditional answers I can share here and now.


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    This is Diana

    Diana Navarro, M.S., is a natural Psychic Empath who provides a new brand of compassionate but honest, raw, and humorous Writings, Intuitive Lifestyle Consultations, Personal and Interior Design Services, and Commentary. Her passion is to provide information on sleep and design spaces for restoration. She is the author of Oddball: A Memoir on Resilience, Oddball: A Guide on Resilience,  You’re Not Crazy, It’s Paranormal! Oddball: A Memoir on Resilience, and  Guide Heartbreak: Know Why and Heal. and, host of the Podcast Design Your Life with Beauty, her blog Design Your Life Info Center, and creator of various writing journals. Her background is a culmination of decades of crisis counseling, crisis intervention, academic advising, intuitive/psychic consulting and research. She has a Bachelor's in General Psychology, Master's of Science Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and studied three years at the Doctoral level conducting research on Environmental Psychology.  She has a Sleep Science Coach Certification and has knowledge of space and energy due to her own spiritual awakening, extensive research, and study of Feng Shui,  certification in Interior Design and certification in Small Business Development. Diana is a natural at bringing joy, light, and inspiration into her work and event hosting, speaking engagements, broadcasts, artistic performances, consultations, and writings. In addition to thousands of personal and celebrity clients, she also worked with corporate clients that include Estee Lauder, Time-Warner, Macy's, Progressive Insurance, and Skanska Construction Group. Diana Navarro grew up in the South Bronx. She endured and overcame extreme adverse environments of domestic violence and rape, witnessed countless violent occurrences, and was declared permanently disabled. Diana had decades to master converting adversity into resilience and turning potential victimhood into victor-hood. She was born an Empath and uses her empathic abilities to provide healing and help others come back to wholeness. She has been able to maintain the ability to express love for people and animals, build healthy boundaries, and share what she has learned with the world. She uses her experiences and learn more about them in academic and therapeutic forms to facilitate healing from traumatic events. Her goal is to inspire and bring joy to as many people and animals as possible.