Ever been broke and have no idea what to do?

I have, and it is not funny at all.

I blamed myself for being broke and grew so bitter inside. 

Deep down I worried a lot about my next move and dwindling food rations. I never saw an end to my problems no matter how hard I tried.

Instead of worrying about where my next meal will come from, I took to writing to empty my soul off the unhappiness. I put pen to paper and shared my thoughts (with myself) and let it all out.

But writing did not make things easier. It was not the end of my problems. I worried even more and nothing I wrote could guarantee a meal that evening. I had to do something I thought. But what exactly? I had nothing to my name.

While writing my predicaments on a journal didn’t help me put anything to the table, it helped me voice out the pain and anger I had inside. I didn’t know anything better to do at the time than to write.

And guess what?

It helped me feel better.

Writing calmed my spirit and I started breathing again. 

I found it even easier to silently talk to God without seeing Him as a benevolent being who abandoned me in my time of need. 

Writing as an outlet helped me easily voice out what’s in my heart and not feel ashamed about it.

Through writing, I realized my problem felt lighter. I emptied my thoughts on my journal as I would in prayer and I loved it. I wrote down all my deepest worries, feelings, and fears and I didn’t feel like I needed to be perfect while doing it.

So write down all your pain and anger whether on a diary or journal and see what happens. You will be surprised at what writing can do to your soul when in dire need.

Your problems won’t be solved but you’ll feel ready to tackle any issue when done. You will feel free when working on your next move.

Originally published at medium.com