Yes, I’m 46 and yes I have an imaginary friend! I’m going to name her, Tally. I imagine most of you do too you just don’t even realize it! Yesterday she was telling me to just hide out and stay home. She wanted me all to herself. She’s a brat, and frankly not very nice. She is always picking on me and saying I have no business living this creative and exceptional life I have. She said ” Vikki, you are so far behind why even start? Might as well give up now!”

One thing I have learned in my self-improvement journey is to let go of the people that hurt me. So I’ve always tried evicting her. But somehow she finds a way back in! ARRRGH

I was speaking with a friend and she gave me a new perspective on this roommate. She recommended that instead of evicting her, why don’t I love her? Why don’t I give her a different job? So this reminded me of the idea that Hurt people Hurt people. And that quite possibly my friend Tally is just a hurt and scared part of me.

I have decided to give Tally a job that she can feel good about and give her the opportunity to be healed. She knows how to clear a room, so I will let her clean up the clutter. That should keep her busy. When I get things done, I always feel better.

Now, earlier I said you probably have an imaginary friend, too. And don’t worry you aren’t crazy, you are just human. Doubt and fear and our life experiences bring out these self-limiting beliefs. My roommate usually shows up exactly during the climb of reaching goals.

Today I will remind Tally, that everything is well. Life is not meant to be lived in fear and maybe through my example, she will learn that she’s alright! I highly recommend you embrace your Imaginary friend, even name her and redirect her and help her heal! I’m just a fellow human trying to be better today than I was yesterday! My goal is to help other women with their bad roommates and sometimes it’s awkward but always awesome. You can hear more about the awkward and awesome tribe here.

Big hugs & Luv,