It would be insufficient to think that we simply wake up each day and will experience a mundane existence. When I was little I always questioned the structure of this life I seemed to live. As a parent now, I smile when my five-year-old questions this wake up and rush to school and work theory. I engage him and let him know I’m proud of his questions. I interact in the discussion and we both question why this structure was set up.

Why? Because questioning life while it seemed to be daunting to my mother who was on the receiving end of my limitless questions: How did the salt get in the ocean? Why is the sky blue? If I dig this hole, how far can I get? Is absolutely what we must do.

Questioning everything brings us contrast to which we can ultimately edit and design our lives.

When you find yourself in a challenging or heartbreaking situation the typical thing to do is feel upset and dwell. I want to get you to a place where you celebrate the setbacks because this is where the valuable contrast comes in.

We can control our life views and experiences after all. Our response to outside sources is everything. Pay more attention to the things that feel good, in fact the things that feel great!

I’ve learned this the hard way and it doesn’t mean I won’t slip and forget sometimes – we all will. What I’m personally proud of and encourage you to focus on is your bounce back rate. It’s guaranteed to get knocked down but how fast can you honestly propel yourself back up?

Edit: Think of your life as a working google document. You have the ability to go in and ferociously edit if your inspired to. Simply remove the things that don’t make sense anymore or could be weighing you down. Add in just as lovingly where you see fit. Open up the space for unimaginable experiences and that romance you just knew would come back in some form like the movie The Notebook.

Think of editing like an energy clearing. Edit your home, edit your circle of trusted friends and family. Edit the way you speak to yourself.*

*Note: The way you speak to yourself is critical. Honor yourself, pay attention and be sure you are editing to only allow supportive, loving thoughts.


This is the fun part! What do you simply know in your core to be true. Write it down. Post it on the bathroom mirror. Talk about these things! Share your success because you know it’s on the way. Embrace the love you know is coming right to you. Be vulnerable. Be real. Forgive fast and often. (Even if you don’t feel it was all your wrongdoing)

Just love yourself. Please. This world is so chaotic and often times cold and we are on information overload 24/7. Edit and design the way you receive information. You do not need to know everything all at once – it’s simply too much.

I’m so glad you’re an absolutely lovely work in progress like me. Here’s a toast to our beautiful destiny.

Breathe. Edit. Design.