Astro FX was initiated by Aman Natt and Shaun Lee who are determined traders and both of them brought their business into acknowledging in the FX market.  Some people do not consider University education to be an important factor; likewise, Aman and Shaun hold a view that “nine-to-five” is not a task for both of them. Besides institutional learning, these two traders have acquired valuable skills in the field of trading and now they wanted to apply those skills to assist other traders who want to achieve success.

These two ambitious traders came to know about trading from family companions and at first glance, they were awestruck by the independence it would bring by working from around the globe. Adding more, both of them were sailing in the same boat as they were looking for some guidance related to the functioning of markets. With the aid of social media like Face book, two of them came across each other and contacted so that by collaboration, they can conquer the trading industry.

When they established a small office in Birmingham, UK; both started providing trading to their students regarding the Art of Technical Analysis. After accomplishing recognition, they got a name tag as “Forex gurus” on social media sites. In this digital world, both of them saw a gap in the market knowing that people are not aware of right trading and decided to record trading lessons every Tuesday by calling it as “Technical Tuesdays”. With time, their videos were getting famous on YouTube and one became popular with more than 600,000 views and the top video regarding Forex on YouTube.

After working for one year, they expanded their business and within two years, they moved to larger areas and created international workshops in eminent cities of the world such as Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Cape Town, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, and Istanbul. Moreover, 2019 was a year of success for them as they moved their Head Office to Mayfair, London and states that we have grown from a two-man business to an organization consisting of over 22 people now. A stunning reality is that they never graduated from University and presently running the trading business by leaps and bounds. When Astro FX became a household brand, everyone started demanding to have meetings for would-be traders who want to have a strong network. Taking the future perspective, they are soon going to open their first International office in North America and several parts of the world.