Herbal medicine is getting popular in modern’s people lifestyle. With the “back to nature” slogan, more people now turn to herbal medicine to help them get their health back. Well, how can this natural medication give you benefit?

Reasons to Use Herbal Medicines

There are many reasons to leave chemical medicine and change it to herbal.

1.       Herbal Medicine Really Works

There are many people still think that herbal is useless and gives no advantage for human health. Well, this is absolutely a misconception. In fact, there are countless studies that show the powerful effect of herbal medicines on human health and human ancestors had used these natural medications since thousand years ago.

2.       It Is Safer than Pharmaceuticals

Compared it with pharmaceuticals, herbal medicine tends to cause less damage to your body’s organs. As it has been known for a long time that a long-term chemical medication will damage human’s vital organs especially kidney and liver. Unlike the pharmaceuticals, herbal medicine comes with an extensive history of safety.

3.       More Affordable

Most of the prescribed medical treatments come with an expensive price especially for degenerative diseases such as cancer. This is because chemical medicines are produced by manufacturers. Meanwhile, herbal medicines are more affordable for most people. You can even find them easily around your house. Another major plus about using herbal is that many herbal plants can be cultivated in your private garden, pots, or backyard. In this way, using herbal medicines is more “pocket-friendly” and the most important thing is that the ingredient is easy to get.

4.       Can be Used in Cooking

One of the nicest things about using herbal medicines is that they can be consumed in many ways. Many herbal medicines now come in pill forms just like pharmaceuticals. However, many of the natural medicines can also be consumed in the form of tea such as rosella leaves. Another interesting way you can use to consume herbal medicines is by putting them in cooking. For example, you can add curcuma in your cooking if you have a problem with your lever.

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