In this season the most current fur coats become the bright accent to get a stylish image. First, it is the ideal garment for colder days. In addition, the combination of materials, vibrant colors, original tie-dye, floral print and rhombus in contrast: all these techniques have led to the appearance of colorful models of coats that so little we are used to seeing in the cold season.

The most current length is short, but the elegant and long Aria Moda fur coats are beginning to gain their place in the fashion runways. And, of course, also in the street. But there are other details that, at first sight for us, can go unnoticed and, without a doubt, are no less important. Let’s discover them!

1. Accent on the neck.

This season a lot of attention is paid to the neck. So, sometimes it is so bulky that it becomes a mini layer. Although neck-less designs also remain relevant.

In the winter season 2019, the neck plays an important role in fashionable fur coats. In addition, it is a collar with lapels (neck notch) so typical of the female jacket suits, which we often see in the streets and in the warmer seasons.

2. White fur coats.

One of the coolest proposals of the 2019 winter season is, without a doubt, the white coats. Their important advantage is that they refresh and create a noble image. If you are one of those who believe that the color white (aesthetically) adds more volume, the designers show that it is not.

In different shades of white, long and short, bulky and wide, with extra-long sleeves and lush shoulders – this whole range of coats is perfect for this winter. And, surprisingly, they don’t “spoil “the figure at all. Rather, they create the effect of lightness.

3. Degraded effect.

Tie-Dye is one of the trends that has been returning since last spring, but this time it does so more freely and brilliantly. It is now increasingly difficult to find classic games when the same color changes smoothly from light to dark. The gradient amazes with its unpredictability, remembering the kaleidoscope.

4. Combined leather coats.

Combined fur coats are another unconditional success of this winter. It seems that the sewing teams of the Fashion Houses collect a coated piece by piece in the leather of different tones and textures as if it were a mosaic. With such a design we were surprised, for example, Dolce & Gabbana. It seems that the skin was not specifically selected for color or texture. The result is bright and modern.

5. Floral pattern.

Flowers in a fur coat – a new surprise from creative designers. Low temperatures in the streets, but the meadows are blooming in the coats … Coats dotted with daisies, roses, and poppies have become a real stir in fashion shows. An unusual floral contrast refreshes the look and creates a sunny ‘atmosphere’ for the whole day. By the way, now you can’t be afraid to cross that line and overdo it with flowers.

6. Feathers

The decoration on the fur coats is practically absent. Its place now occupies an imitation of bird feathers. By the way, this decoration is very frequently found in the fashionable clothes of the autumn-winter 2018-2019 seasons. To repeat the effect of the ‘flying’ feathers, the designers used pieces of long-haired skin. This helped create the illusion of a bird wing with fine plumage.

7. Vibrant colors.

Winter 2019 differs from the previous cold season that in this there are many incredibly bright, summer colors themselves. The fur coats are not only bright but surprising with its rich riot of colors and dazzle with a neon glow.

8. Oversize coats.

It’s hard to say why the oversize trend is so ingrained in the fashion world. Perhaps due to its practicality: in winter, two blouses, three sweatshirts, and several favorite t-shirts perfectly fit a bulky fur coat. Or because ‘true glamor’ (what is true glamor?) Is not fashionable, but quite the opposite … Be that as it may, but the fact remains. One of the most relevant garments in winter fashion 2019 occupies oversize coats.

In short, the current fur coats this winter comes with the soul of summer. After all, bright colors and striking patterns are an attribute of a warm season and not a cold winter. But this is the fashion paradox: the coats seem warmer not only thanks to the skin but also visually, to return us to the warm season.