Harshada Pathare, Author

The best gift our education system can bestow upon each student is an individual curriculum that can open up full limits of creativity and a sense of inquisitiveness. As the world is moving to new heights, it is extremely important for educational systems to embrace innovation and foster creativity in learning methods, classroom experiences and encourage teachers to be more creative with students than ever.

Sure enough, education is extremely important for the modern society and the most vital resource for the future growth of any nation. After all, one way or the other, proper education does open up plenty of different doors in the lives of people and you will therefore be able to gain much access to plenty of impressive careers, talent development as well as greater salaries in addition to various incredible opportunities to prove your worth. Now, of course, the Indian education system may not be all that perfect these days but nevertheless, it has made significant progress to change from the traditional schools to a booming presence of International schools, Global schools, Open schools and Private schools. As schools have made an attempt to blend better academics course, sports and other self-developmental activities to improve the student’s personality even teachers need to innovate themselves as they are the main inceptors of knowledge, values and wisdom. Automation is all set to disrupt different industries and put many people out of their jobs but this automation will not be able to sprawl in the education sector. Artificial intelligence tools, robots and other automation products can never replace deep and meaningful human interactions, be empathetic to children’s needs, or take impactful decisions in case of any contingency situations or act as a source of guidance to these tiny minds.

“Where AI and automation will do the most complex tasks in every field of science, engineering, finance, data mining, medical inventions but will never be able to be a mother, a teacher or a doctor. Some roles need the essence of a human love, connect, or trust.”

– Harshada Pathare

Beyond teaching the same curriculum, our teachers need to adopt their responsibility to act as the talent coach of the students. Classroom is the cultivation center where learning, thoughts, ideas and knowledge is sown in the minds of students. Teachers should also join to adopt the responsibility of a creative talent coach and come up with new and more effective ideas on how to interest their students, transform the four walls into a greenhouse that connects students to learning, nature and their roots. Education is not just transfer of knowledge from teacher to students, it is a lot more than we think, it is teaching survival skills to students for the future, embedding right values in them to guide them in their pathway, it is about preparing them for a life and the preparations need to be the best.

With that said, the vast majority of schools these days are still carrying on using the old international and regional curriculum, same standard examinations, grading of students, pressurizing them for securing grades, joining coaching classes for more enrichment and it does not always imply the best results. After all, the upcoming younger generation is a whole lot more different from the others due to the emerging power of technology, digitalization, open accessibility to worldwide universities and it does need to be facilitated with something new and original. Hence, it is very important, crucial even, for the teachers these days to be using all kinds of different online technologies, other effective techniques so as to make sure that they are making the most from the students’ needs and requirements in an inventive as well as creative manner indeed.

Hence, it is quite vital for the teachers these days to find new customization approaches that would not emphasize on short term learning, obtaining grades but a life-long hunger for learning. In the world of today, learning is a continual process, even after securing a good job, employees need to learn to keep on upgrading their knowledge, great entrepreneurs, highly educated fellows and leaders are on a constant wheel for learning to not only be in competition race but also to achieve progress.

“Passion for learning is the most sustainable gift we can give to our children. This gift can open up their abilities, ideas to design a better tomorrow.”

– My thought on learning, Harshada Pathare

Hence, new articles and new researches are beginning to appear that are basically stating the obvious — children these days are a whole lot more interested in a different approach of learning and one that does involve something creative and genuinely unique. The main issue is the fact that the vast majority of teachers are educating their students in such a manner that all the knowledge, which was accumulated throughout the years of studying, is going nowhere right after the exams, since most of the students prefer to forget all they have studied for so long as well or fail to apply the same knowledge in practical situations.

The example of foreign universities is a whole lot more beneficial as well as genuinely effective indeed. More and more teachers there are starting to invent new and more creative ways of conducting their lessons in form of role play, group discussions, augmented reality learnings, which does give a great boost to the overall productivity and makes the students interested in hearing the teacher out on their own. This is also facilitating healthy competition and it is also extremely advantageous for the schools and universities to breed a generation of brilliant thinkers.

Hence, in order to succeed in not only facilitating the knowledge but inspiring creativity, thinking, learning, teacher needs to discover the hidden talent in each pupil using assessment tests, different strategies and motivating the students to achieve excellence in their talent center.

Our education system should realize that neither parents nor students are nowadays interested in the end results of exam scores, but in developing the skills, competencies and intelligence of the child. Education systems need to make sure that your teaching techniques and methods are not based on the old curriculum and that you are capable of using the new technologies as well as advancements in order to make sure that you will not lost the cutting edge options as well.

Hence, if you are interested in evolving and reaching the new tops of being a teacher and making a real difference in your school or university education then please unleash your creative skills to teach and connect with students. Furthermore, do not be afraid to use new and sophisticated solutions and technologies in order to gain even better end results as well as within the very least amount of time possible. Just get out of those old traditional methods and propose these types of role changes from a teacher to a creative coach or a talent developer or a motivator.

There can be time constraint or some other factors that can be an obstacle but technology is the best answer to these problems. You many find many innovative apps for teachers, teaching aids, simple and quick methods to teach the most complex problems, and software specially designed to help teachers monitor, track improvements, ranking, interests of each student and design customized assignments for them to gain excellence in subjects of their interests.

One way or the other, if you are a qualified as well as genuinely experienced teacher, you will not be afraid to experiment and you will therefore have the means to make the most from your needs and requirements and to deliver the desired knowledge to the students all on your own. New and more sophisticated teaching techniques are really worth learning, especially if you wish to make the most from your teaching skills as well as professionalism, so you will definitely never regret tomorrow for not making it the best.

“Make a sustainable difference…be a teacher with a difference…

The experience will surely be different!”

Originally published at harshadapathare.com on December 4, 2017.

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