Dear Business Leaders,

Our people count on us to care about their health and wellness.

Americans now spend $3.4 trillion on healthcare each year, with 75% of the cost spent on chronic diseases connected to lack of exercise, poor nutrition and stress. 

These factors are preventable and can be directly addressed with wellness activities.

Americans want to do better. They want to feel better. And they want to live better. 

Time and access are the two major barriers that stand in their way, and as CEOs and business owners, it’s our responsibility and duty to remove them. 

At MINDBODY, our purpose is to help people lead healthier, happier lives by connecting the world to wellness. 

In ten years, we envision 120 million Americans engaged in wellness activities. That’s more than twice the number engaged today. 

Together, let’s double down on employee wellness by investing more in our wellness programs. 

Our people’s health depends on it—and it’s the right thing to do.

Join us in connecting Americans to wellness and help us make this vision a reality. 

Please share your support and commitment to investing in employee wellness by tweeting with the hashtag #MakeAmericaWell. 

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Cheers to 2018,
Rick Stollmeyer
CEO & Co-founder

Rick Stollmeyer co-founded MINDBODY in his garage in 2001, and today serves as the company’s CEO and principle visionary, ensuring that everything the company embraces – from product line to business development to team member enrichment – serves the company’s purpose: help people lead healthier, happier lives by connecting the world to wellness.

In 2005, Rick led the industry when he took MINDBODY’s business management solution fully to the cloud. Today, the company remains the leading SaaS platform for the wellness services industry, streamlining business management for wellness practitioners and making it easier for them to do what they love – improve the lives of their customers. Today, MINDBODY powers tens of thousands of wellness businesses worldwide, and connects hundreds of thousands of wellness practitioners with the tens of millions of people seeking healthier, happier lives around the world.

Rick lives with his wife, Jill, near the company headquarters in San Luis Obispo, California.