Making donations and payments to schools requires a medium or a payment system, and doing this can be a pain to most parents given the tedious and frustrating options they are provided with to make these payments. There are a lot of options for parents to pay for school fees, fees for activities, donations, special payments etc. To make these payments, some schools require the parents to pay in person, or on the phone, or through payment platforms where the parents will have to pay for transaction charges after filling out never-ending registration forms. With these payment platforms, it seems that the more efficient it is the more expensive it becomes for the payer and payee.

When it comes to payments for schools, there are a lot of things to make payment for, they include tuition fees, aftercare fees, lunch, classroom supplies, donations, and countless other payments that parents have to make for their kids.

“As a parent, I was frustrated sending cash with my son to pay for field trips, having to physically go into the office to pay for lunches, and paying over the phone for after-school care and extracurricular activities” said Alisher Rakhimov. A father who was frustrated by the tediousness of the payment processes that schools require.

In attempts to save himself from this frustration and ordeal and free other parent too, Alisher Rakhimov co-founded a company that offers free one-click services for busy parents who do not have the time to go through the ordeals to make payment for their kids. Skookii is a free school payment solution that can be used to make donations and payments with a click of the button. The Skookii mobile payment app works irrespective of the school, its free and secure. 

Skookii has moved from a dad’s love for his son to a platform for many parents and schools to ease payment procedures in the country. It is now being used by a lot of parent (over 4000 parents use this free platform to make donations and all school payments for their kids) and 180 schools and soon will be available for global use.

In his words, “we are making boring school payments fast and fun” (Alisher Rakhimov).

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