The American Eskimo dog is certainly one of the most intelligent dog breeds ever

If you hear it with Eskimo Dog, there may be some people who seem to be “might be a big dog?” Actually, it is a very cute pure white dog. Very lovely figure became popular characters of circus, became very popular. it is a beautiful small dog like fluff. He needs something for strangers. There are three types of figures, Standard and Miniature, Toy, which is still a popular toy. American Eskimo is very Smart and always ready to please. TheAmerican Eskimo quickly learn new tasks. Very Compact and balanced. The American Eskimo dog. Even though it’s more conservative with strangers. This dog is loyal to his family and playful with children. Eye is brown eye, eyelashes are white, contrast between the soles of the sole and the nose, it is a feature that it looks like a very beautiful dog. The shape of the head is inverted triangle, the ears are standing pins and triangles, the tails are feathery and the hair is dense. It usually seems like curling towards the back.

History of American Eskimo Dog

Recently it is a dog breed that is popular in Japan, with the nickname “Esky” from lovers. There is nothing to do with the Eskimo dog, German Spitz said that German immigrants who lived around New York in the 19th century America, had been raised, white dogs called Keeshond, immigrant dogs such as white Pomeranian, Vulpine Italian, although it is brought in from, it is said that it became the origin of the original species. International recognition is low, but since the character of dogs such as sleigh is good and I like playing, it is popular in the United States and Canada.


Originating in the United States. Internationally, the name is still not well known, but now it is popularly nicknamed “Eski”, and I am increasing the number of enthusiasts little by little. In this article, I summarized the character, character, life expectancy, disease, breeding points of American Eskimo Dog. The American Eskimo Dog was popular in the many traveling circuses for trick dog acts.

What is the lifespan of the American Eskimo Dog?

The average life expectancy of the American Eskimo Dog is 12 to 15 years. Please do beforehand confirmation beforehand so that you do not have to make hard judgment in the future.

Care of coat

It is not necessary to become nervous about the care of the coat, but please do brushing and combing once or twice a week. Since coat is abundant double coat, it is easy to get out, please handle care giver especially carefully. Attention is necessary also to tear drop. You can maintain a beautiful coat with care, such as “avoid greasy meals” “give enough moisture” “exercise to improve metabolism” etc.