This time of year, many Americans may find themselves curled up with warm beverages and their smartphones. But despite the amount of time people spend on social media, they have decidedly mixed feelings about it, Recode reports.

According to Harris Poll’s nationally representative survey of 2,160 adults, Twitter was particularly polarizing, with 46 percent of adults responding “kill it and hope it dies,” 43 percent saying “fuel it to keep it alive,” and 11 percent being unfamiliar with the platform.

Some Americans are also swiping left on dating app Tinder. Tinder is generally viewed pessimistically, with 43 percent of adults wanting the app to go away, 15 percent wanting to keep it alive, and 42 percent not knowing what the app is, Recode reports. Perhaps the old-fashioned way of meeting face to face is coming back into style. 

The survey found that even larger platforms like Facebook and Instagram had groups of adults wanting them to vanish. Thirty-two percent of adults want Facebook and Instagram to go away (with 64 percent and 52 percent, respectively, wanting to keep them around).

Curious what platforms garnered more affection and less hate? Americans’ love for music rang true, with 62 percent wanting to keep Pandora alive and only 19 percent wanting it to disappear.

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