Poverty is an evil that hampers the development of a country as well as individuals. It is the root of chaos and a bleak future. It often leads to more issues like health deficit, lower education level, low wage jobs, and grave threat on the life of individuals as well as the country. A country with poverty gradually sinks into the oblivion of no progress and various issues.

Amne Suedi is uprooting this evil in Africa through her will and power to instill development. She wants to eradicate poverty entirely, and help resilient individuals in using their potential to help their country. Amne believes in the impact that people can make through their brilliance and dedication. She aims to remove the tag of a ‘Poor country’ from the name of Africa and help it in emerging as a world economy that is profuse in knowledge and resources.

Amne shares how countries can overcome this evil and direct their land towards fortune and abundance.

Access To Technology

Technology is an inherent aspect of progress. Without technology, there would be no connection with the world, zero development, and reduced future possibilities. It is a resource that is related to efficiency, development, intelligence, and new solutions. The country that is deprived of it can barely compete with the ones that have access to it.

Amne wants to bring a technology forward era where every individual is educated and informed about the use of it. Technology does not only mean having access to computers or mobiles, it means having ample electricity, access to world resources, and the means to find new avenues through advanced tools.

Creation Of Jobs

Jobs are the source of money and development in any country. Resources are present in every country, but to harness the potential, the country needs people to put their innovation and mind to create exceptional ideas. In exchange, the individuals get access to knowledge, money, and means to keep them busy and productive.

Entrepreneurial talent and jobs go to waste if the country isn’t generating enough jobs and sustainable projects. Amne suggests that these jobs can be created when each individual is mutually motivated towards the progress and development of their country as well as themselves.

Invest In Healthcare

To keep the citizens of a country in the best working shape, there should be robust medical facilities available to everyone. This healthcare should not only cure inconsequential diseases but should also have the solution for the significant viruses and diseases of the world.

Amne believes that setting up hospitals is not enough, this aid should also be affordable and accessible to everyone. The doctors should be highly trained, and there should be medical research centers where medical intellect can create new cures for ailments and viruses. This helps keep the citizens of the country in top productive shape, and continue with economic activities. To know more about Amne’s inspiring work, visit her website here.