Sometimes it takes reporting on the suffering of others to make you see how much you have to be grateful for.

The ongoing humanitarian disaster in Syria and the persecution of the Rohingya people’s are a harsh look at the realities currently present in our world today. While companies like LaLa World and numerous Non-Profit Organizations attempt to aid displaced individuals around the world – it’s still impossible for me to sit back and not think about what these individuals have to endure on a daily basis.

Despite not having achieved important personal goals, not being in the financial situation I’d like, and other daily stressors – taking an in-depth look at the situation of others has made me appreciate many facets of my life that I at times take for granted.

Gratitude Is Important For Personal Growth

Reporting on international humanitarian crises is not my first time researching suffering. In December of 2016, I embedded with military Veterans and First People’s at Standing Rock, North Dakota. While I have yet to say much publicly about my experience, that was a period of time where I witnessed that type of oppression with my own eyes.

However, the spirit of the First People gave me such hope for the future of this planet. Despite the struggles pressed upon them, they retain a unique love for this planet and refuse to carry hate in their hearts.

While inspiring their spiritual nature made me feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude. I was grateful for being in their presence, grateful to those who helped me prepare for the experience, and grateful to every person who has helped me at some point in my life.

There is not a person on Gaia who has achieved success without the aid of another. In most circumstances, successful individuals are successful due to the kindness showed to them by a plethora of people throughout their development.

Those who fail to realize what others have done for them, and do not express gratitude harm their personal growth. Self-awareness and introspection are signs of humility and show a willingness to continuously develop into a better human being.

Gratitude During The Holidays

This time of year is difficult for those who do not have families to celebrate the festivities. It’s also difficult for those around the world who don’t have the luxury to celebrate as their lives depend on them remaining directly focused on their survival each day.

While I don’t have any grand plans, I am allowing myself time to think and realize everything that is good in my life. Including beginning several huge projects that I have worked extremely hard for and recognizing that me believing in myself is in the process of bearing the fruits of validation.

Remaining grateful for these developments and opportunities allows me to focus on the positives and continue pushing forward. It’s extremely humbling to think about how many individuals around the world wish they were fortunate enough to have my opportunities – especially those who have been displaced from their homes.

Always Remain Grateful

A moment without gratitude is a moment where one’s ego has overtaken their sensibilities.

Staying grateful and retaining a sense of humility will keep me from ever forgetting the plight of others. One day I hope to help companies like LaLa World and Non-Profit Organizations who attempt to help those in dire situations.

It’s easy to focus on the negative, yet we can all truly benefit if we remember that we have a great deal to be grateful for.