Image painted by Dimitra Milan

I’m not for everyone,

For that I am certain.

I’m rough and ragged,

Heartbroken and jagged… 

I am Loud and fierce,

My words they do pierce.

I love deeply and endlessly,

Without abandon,

sometimes recklessly. 

I’m not for everyone

That’s for sure…

Not your average woman,

Nowhere near innocent or pure.

I walk with the wolves and

I dance with the spirits,

Mimicking sounds of what wildlife is nearest.

My wounds, my scars fresh and hot as embers, 

The pieces buried and burned of lifetimes remembered. 

I’ve cried and I’ve screamed

I’ve listened and I’ve breathed 

I’ve loved and I’ve lost 

I’ve been shattered and crossed

And so I believe the best things in life,

Are here in the fragments cut through flesh like a knife. 

Made up of jagged edges, dark, mysterious corners, 

Held down like refugees stuck inside their own boarders. 

My broken pieces played like Shakespeare’s lost tragedies 

Some beautiful disaster, a heroine judged by her sexualities. 

For I’d never want to be a woman made for everyone, you see…

It is why I’ve decided to live wild and free.

I like it here in my quaint space,

Living life at my own set pace…

One filled with strange happenstances,

Given all it’s offers and chances…

Where I sit amongst strangers searching for love and joy, 

And accept all the differences that both can destroy. 

Left alone here deep in my own wildness, 

Feeling restless and torn by it’s fearlessness.

Somewhere lost, maybe found…

between human and beast,

Where I’ve set my own table,

and am ready to feast.