With overwhelming medical expenses abroad, medical tourism has become an affordable option for NRIs. On top of that, initiatives taken by many hospitals to issue NRI health cards with special benefits and packages have already been a great boon.

It can be unsettling having to stay far from home, constantly worrying about the well-being of the parents and family members back there. One of the premier private hospitals in Eastern India, AMRI Hospitals Kolkata has launched an exclusive Family First Health Card for all the NRI’s at the North America Bengali Conference(NABC) 2019. The card will cater not only to the health needs of the card-holder but even to his family members residing in India.

The benefits of the Family First Health Card for NRI will include cabin booking, prior booking of the appointment and various health-related investigations. It also offers free ambulance and medicine delivery services provided that the criteria are met.

The card is valid for a year and can be availed by registering with 100 USD. Apart from the afore-mentioned benefits offered, the bed charges of the hospital, OPD investigations, dental procedures and eye check-up services can be availed at a highly discounted rate. Around 25 percent discount is available for full body check-up for up to 4 members of the family.

The Special Privilege Health Card by AMRI hospitals was launched during NABC in May 2018 at Atlantic City, USA and so far it has received tremendous response from the patients, especially from Bengalis residing in South America.

In collaboration with Home Health Care(HCC), the Family First Health Card for NRI is being introduced to deliver the best medical services to the patients and all-round hospital-like services and care within the comfort of their own house. The emergency and preventive care includes nursing, physiotherapy, physical consultations, routine health check-ups and many more.

It is impressive how the hospitals in our country are coming up with major initiatives for the well-being of the people. It is hard to stay away from family and not worry about their health, especially our parents. The Family First Health Card by AMRI hospitals will undoubtedly bring greater peace of mind to the NRIs living in different parts of the world.


  • Neelam Rawat



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