I read Professor Bill George‘s Discover Your True North couple of years ago, and it is one of the most extraordinary books I came across. When many talk about idealism and fame in leadership, it talks about Authentic Leadership. Authentic leaders have discovered their true north, align people around a shared purpose and values, and empower them to lead authentically to create value for all stakeholders.

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Whenever I have to re-discover myself, this is one of the books I go back to meditate and seek advice. As it tells many beautiful things including:

The way you deal with your greatest adversities will shape your character far more than the adversities themselves. Much like iron is forged by heat, your most significant challenges and your most painful experiences present the greatest opportunities for your personal growth.

As I continuously wonder about hatred people spew over social media while criticising every good or bad, concerned or unconcerned. I was curious to know whether it is a good idea to criticise, how should we deal with criticism, is it even essential or is there any right way to present it?

I tweeted a question to him:

Prof @Bill_George, How you see #CRITICISM? Should we avoid it or do it, if stakes are involved. How an #AuthenticLeader can manage such a situation? What I learnt about #AbrahamLincoln, he stopped criticising people or things after he realised it is not worth.

Professor Bill George, always humble, replied:

“Constructive criticism is a gift to us as leaders. Those who criticize me have been very helpful in improving my leadership.”

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