I love synchronicity and seeming random coincidences.  I especially love it when the very thing you are talking about appears right before you, and is reinforced in real time.

Here’s a story to demonstrate what I mean. I was having lunch with a client after her VIP session. Let’s call her Julia.  Like many women, Julia is a natural nurturer and giver.

In addition to being an accomplished woman, she is always on the go, taking care of her husband, children, pets, relatives, friends and many other people. This pattern of taking care of everyone else, except herself has gone on for years to that point that now it’s become a habit.  In fact, her family and friends now expect this behavior from her.

Then the “empty nest” life transition happened when her kids left for college and university.  Finally a quiet moment for some self-reflection.  Julia began to re-assess her passions and wanted to work with me to redefine her next chapter on her own terms.   

As Julia talked about her situation, it was evident that her cup was depleted. She was tired, stressed and prone to getting colds at least twice a year.  I shared this observation and suggested that now was the perfect time to focus on “filling” her own cup”.  Of course, the phrase of filling her cup is a metaphor for self-care.

Just as I finished my sentence, the Universe immediately responded by reinforcing what I said.

We sat in a private corner, so it was a pleasant surprise when “on cue”, our server immediately brought Julia a full glass of water without being asked, or even being in the vicinity to hear our conversation.

He came to our table at the exact moment when we were talking about the importance of filling her cup and self-care. There it was…synchronicity!  Julia was gobsmacked when she made the connection.

Once she connected the dots, it was a real “aha” moment.  Julia agreed that in order for her to thrive in a state of calm and well-being, she must first fill her own cup before doing so for others.   This is akin to the instructions we hear on a plane to put on your own oxygen mask first before helping others in case of an emergency.

Julia was excited to give herself permission for more self-care, renewal and balance. As our work together progressed, she took action and decided to hire a private yoga teacher, take more naps, sleep in, go on vacation with her husband and join a new gym.  Yes, she had a lot of catching up to do on her own self-care.

These days Julia is on the path to maintaining her full cup and is much happier.  

So what about you dear reader? Are you in need of self-care?  If so, consider reading this as a sign.  Perhaps this is your version of synchronicity.  Be well.