Work projects, exercise goals, eating habits, relationships, finances, personal growth, addiction….chances are you’re working on something that’s been a challenge for you.

One or two steps forward…one or two steps back. It can be incredibly frustrating. And exhausting. And exasperating. Fill in your own adverb.

On top of that we’re our own worst critic.

Nagging voices telling you you should have done better rarely take a break.

Here’s an alternative.

Instead of beating yourself up because you messed up, admit to yourself you screwed up and recommit to your purpose.

There’s no condemnation, no judgment. It’s just an observation.

“Oh look, that tree’s in bloom, and I screwed up and smoked a cigarette…”

Yes, you had a step back. AND yes, right now is a new moment and you’ll begin again, fresh, right now.

Save yourself the time and aggravation. Skip the self destruct phase.

Acknowledge and recommit.


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